4K HDR Snowy Village – Peaceful Snowing at Dusk – Winter in Bulgaria – Relaxing Snowfall Video

Relax and enjoy the dreamy scenery of snow softly falling over the trees and houses of a traditional Bulgarian village, illuminated by the warm glowing light of street lanterns at dusk. These majestic winter scenes can be used to create a calm and cozy atmosphere or a festive Christmas mood in your home or place of work. It can help with relaxation, stress relief, yoga, sleep, meditation, study, work, etc.

*The audio is the recorded sound of snow falling onto the umbrella protecting my camera.

* HDR – This video is recorded and encoded in 10 bit HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) High Dynamic Range standard and has to be played on compatible devices In order to see the full richness and depth of color and luminosity that this format provides.

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Filming location: Bozhentsi, Bulgaria.

All material in this video is original and personally recorded by myself on location.
Copyright © 2020 Petar Paunchev. All Rights Reserved. The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work is illegal.

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  1. this is my FAV ♥ it's exactly what i hear when it's snowing (wet snow) outside in Canada (ONT) in the winter mnths. This is a nice atmosphere, wish I was there ♥ Thank you for this post xoxo

  2. You live in that place in that house alone in blanket you can hear these sounds of snow through window, taking tea, ❄️😍

  3. One of my favorite videos! My parents are Bulgarian so it was a pleasant surprise to find out that this video was taken in Bulgaria. Thank you!

  4. I loved meditating to this video this morning, while it was snowing outside in realtime – so peaceful 🙂

  5. Ах Боженци. Чак сега се зачетох и разбрах че сме сънародници. А трябваше да се досетя по рано от видеото на изтляващата жарава… От месеци чудесните ти композиции са ми фон за четене и работа дори и само за умиротворяване на душата… Чудесна работа господин Паунчев Огромно Благодаря!….снегът определено много ми липсва…

  6. I like that this video is just the sound of the snow falling, it's so much better than those videos that insist on a musical soundtrack.

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