8 Best reasons to retire to Bulgaria! Living in Bulgaria!

8 Best reasons to retire to Bulgaria! Living in Bulgaria! In this vlog, we explore some of the best reasons in retiring to one of Europe’s most affordable places to retire to. Tell me what you think of the 8 Best reasons to retire to Bulgaria in the comment section below.


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  1. You should also talk about the hardcore racism towards Eastasians in Eastern Europe and Europe. It is not nice to live in Europe being Eastasian.

  2. I need someone outside of Venezuela for a business transaction that will make good money

  3. Do not mix Bulgarian roots with Turkish nonesense (Bulgaria is at least 1000 years older than them). The names Turkey and otomans did not even exist when great ancient prime 7 tribes of 7 brothers call them selfs Bolghars. Bulgarian name comes from proto Bulgars from words "Bog-hary" wich literally translates from proto Bulgarian language "thank god" as we had more gods than Greeks back then. The name Bulgaria was never changed ever since its creation, around 2500 years ago acording to secretly preserved sourcess throught centuryes. We don't just use Cyrilic alphabet, we invent it, we don't just speak Bulgarian – it is the main base of all slavic languages incuding Russian (btw we give them the Cyrilic alphabet along with christianity). I see you've really poor research on Bulgaria's history, so don't speak of something you are not familiar with. Do not relay on Facebook as virtual social live is not important for us and most of the mature people does not even have social media accounts. Street animals are not problematic as they are healthy and won't bite you because all Bulgarian people taking care of them like pets and they got inspected often – you can see yellow plastic marks on their ear.

  4. My last comment was cut, I don't know why. As you can see from earlier comments, I don't agree to that romani culture and choice of work is begging.

  5. ALBANS ARE ALSO EXPLAINED MORE AND TODAY BY THE REGION BY THE PROVINCE IN WHICH THEY LIVE AND HAVE LEAVED THEIR ROOTS If someone just declares that they are Macedonian, it does not mean that they are actually resident or Slavic in these countries, regions like Macedonia. Despite the fact that he is not a Macedonian Slav because of his ethnicity, religion, language or traditions inherited from your ethnic ancestors. Because as Macedonians it is not only Macedonian Slavs, but also Albanians, Slavs, Bulgarians, Jews, Roma., Turks, Serbs, Bosniaks all other members of other nationalities, ethnic groups such as Gorani, Torbesh, Pomak who live in the geographical region called Macedonia, but also called Macedonians, also called those who are still alive today, those who live in the part of Aegean Macedonia that is now in present-day Greece, and they live in Pirin Macedonia in present-day Bulgaria, including residents of what is now the state of North Macedonia, which makes up more than 34% of the entire territory of the geographic region that was formerly known as Ancient Macedonia after Alexander the Great of Macedonia. Just like the Slavs who claim to be Macedonians, they are Orthodox Albanians with violence converted to Slavs. Therefore, no one can withdraw this right from all inhabitants of these regions, despite their artificial historical affiliation as Greek Bulgarians, who call themselves Macedonians by geographic definition

  6. can you tell me how far 1000usd last you in bulgaria in aoth of you buy a hoise or apartment

  7. Not just to retire, Living in Bulgaria is bery nice for young expat. We were planning to live here for 6 months and now is already 2 years and going. I love this country

  8. So hard to find nice content like this. I don't know who, but someone actually needs to hear this, you've got to stop saving all your money. Venture into investing some, if you really want financial stability

  9. Lession number one for foreigners: It's pronounced BulgAria, not BulgEria. "A" like "Advantage", not "E" like "Example".

  10. I am a Bulgarian who has left my home country in search of a better life abroad. Well, I found a better life in terms of paychecks, medical service, and social security. But I lost a lot in terms of socializing. I miss my friends. It is so difficult to befriend a Westerner. Thank God, I have my family beside me otherwise life would be very lonesome. Bulgarians are very friendly people. They will open the door of their home for you, share their meal with you, befriend you and make you part of their family, just because you are far from home and missing your family and friends. WE ARE EXTREMELY HOSPITABLE PEOPLE. Exactly the opposite from the culture in Western Europe where everyone keeps it all for themselves and you can live years without really knowing your neighbours and never being invited in your neighbours' home. Something unthinkable in Bulgaria. I miss also the food, so AFFORDABLE. Gosh, for the same price in Bulgaria I can invite at least 4 people to a restaurant (compared to Western Europe). What I do not like is corruption. However, Bulgaria still is a low crime rate country. Or is it? My experience dates back 10 years.

  11. im willing to move with my wife and daughter to bulgaria, looking for my company to pay my re alocation there

  12. Hi, I enjoyed watching your video. I already bought a property in Bulgaria. The only thing missing is the mention of the city of Veliko Tarnovo. It's one of the most beautiful cities of Bulgaria and it use to be the old capital of Bulgria.

  13. You seem to have confused Roma Gypsies with Romanians. Roma does not mean from Romania. Roma originate from India.

  14. Beautiful country and people. Great video quality and informative. Love the colorful costume, architecture, nature, and friendly people. I must be there.

  15. Visited in 2018 and I fell in love with the country. I am Eastern Orthodox and I enjoyed the Orthodox influence. People were extremely kind and helpful.

  16. Bulgaria seems to be a nice place rich of nature and culture, affordable cost of living and friendly locals. But then I wonder why Bulgaria faces a severe population decline ? Why, especially the young men, are emigrating to the UK, Germany and other Western countries ? Is there anything wrong with the economy ? Bulgaria is on my list of the country I wanna visit, and maybe live there as an expat. So I want to know without any sugar-coat, the reason why so many young Bulgarians are leaving their country.

  17. You should mention as well that Bulgaria was a great empire to the East in the 9th-11th century. Bulgaria was not always under somebody else’s rule.

  18. Thank you so much for your great information sir, top of my list. I’m so impressed so much beautiful and clean.cant wait to go,

  19. I'm Bulgarian and Canadian move in 1990. I'm originally from and born in Plovdiv. I'm proud to be Bulgarian. Bath now.my Life is in Vancouver Canada 🇨🇦. My baby 22 years old is born here in Vancouver. Bath in 10 years maybe.. I can Retired I have place my own home so ….we'll see only God knows.

  20. Excuse me but l think some remarks has to be make cirelic is the third official alfabrt in eu and it is bulgarian 9 century not glagolic sum think. Also when you talk about anhions people make aford to learn something what you talk about. Chip nowadays are the oldest China Egyptian India Bulgaria, why?

  21. This video is misleading. If you are not a Bulgarian citizen, you cannot buy land in Bulgaria. (I know this firsthand…my wife is Bulgarian and we had to fight to have my name added to the deed on our house) You CAN, however, buy an apartment or business structure.
    You do not have to "register at a police station" for an extended stay….that is ridiculous. You can stay 90 days as a visitor without question…and a 90 day extension is fairly easy to get.
    Sofia is NOT inexpensive…it is quite the opposite.. Good luck finding an apt. for 600 bucks….lol And, it is NOT "walkable"….it is a very dirty, confusing city to navigate and has zero parking. It is a wonderful city…but, it is expensive and a nightmare to try to find your way around. (I take a taxi EVERYWHERE)
    English is widely spoken here…so, there is very little "language barrier" issues. English is a required language in the school system.
    Also, it is misleading to call Bulgaria "reasonable" when it comes to cost of living. That is relative to wages…and wages are extremely low. So, unless you have a cushy job lined up, or a trust fund, be prepared to struggle.
    "Racism" is almost non-existent…Bulgarians are more worried about the gypsy population that is sucking the system dry.
    Many things you say are true…Bulgaria is AMAZING in so many ways. You should visit some time.

  22. I visited Bulgaria a few times. Plovdiv is a very old and nice city. I also liked Varna. Next time I need to visit Veliko Tarnovo. There are also beautiful mountain villages with authentic architecture, like Koprivshtitsa. And not to forget the famous Rila monastery. Some less popular towns suffer from depopulation, as many youngsters try to make a living abroad. Food is cheap and usually good, but there are not many high cuisine restaurants. The climat can be harsh in winter and super hot in summer. I had close to 40 degrees in Plovdiv. As hot as the summer can be, as warm are the people. They're very welcoming, helpful and interested. I always felt safe on the streets, also at night. The nature is stunning, especially in the mountains. A beautiful, maybe slightly underrated country that is definitely worth a visit!

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