Ambush for autumn boar – Driven hunt in Bulgaria – wild boar driven hunting in Bulgaria

Ambush for autumn boar – Driven hunt in Bulgaria – wild boar driven hunt in Balkan mountain Bulgaria 1 part. In this episode of “Boars and hunters”, we will embark on lightning driven hunt for wild boars during the autumn in the unbelievably forests of Stara planina. We will have several guest-hunters from Denmark. We will participate together with the drivers at the first line in the collisions and close encounters with the boars hunted down by the hunting dogs. We will see many precise shots. Will the drivers be able to cope with the harsh terrain and the trees that have fallen down after the storm in order to chase the large packs hiding in the bushes towards the ambush prepared for them by the hunters? Drivers and dogs will be one in a dynamic chase of the elusive wild boars. Will the hunters be able to cope with the sounders coming from all sides? Will their competitors from Bulgaria be precise enough in order to rank in the competition for the perfect shot. We will find out in the next episode of “Boars and hunters”. Do not miss it in order to see the master firing from close and remote distances at the frenetically running wild boars. Be with us next time in the dizzy competition between the wild boars, dogs and drivers.