AMERICAN IN BULGARIA – Exploring Sofia's Women's Market + Bulgarian Food!

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AMERICAN IN BULGARIA – Exploring Sofia’s Women’s Market + Bulgarian Food!
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  1. Thanks for the video 🙂 We are moving to Sofia next month and our bulgarian is really not good, and we are pretty worried about that!

  2. Steve

    Have you noticed that everyone calls you a gurrrl in Bulgaria when you have long hair? (never directly but behind your back)

    & when you greet somebody they never greet back. (neighbours for example)

    & they never understand you. (when you ask how the word is in Bulgarian)

    They never get something.

    👉 🐦



  3. I've been watching your vids and reminiscing my times in NYC 🙂 So great you got to explore my hometown too!

  4. I just watched your vlog yesterday, you're in the Philippines? Then this one is not old vlog but it was in Bulgaria? I just confused? 😲

  5. This blog here made me realized why I keep watching you Tal , don’t get weird I’m old, I can be your grandma lol, but must say you and I are kindred spirit , because I too love, love ❤️ walking around at these old European markets. That’s my favorite thing, Christmas Market specially, now I’m so 💔 I haven’t gone and won’t be able to go again on that river cruise Hungary to Germany/Prague. Continue these kind of blogs ❤️ watching them, thank you, admire your work and I’m glad you’re in my motherland hunkering down this panic mode plague. 😇🙏💞🇵🇭🇺🇸😎🤟

  6. Totally ignorant vlog. Obviously cannot make it in the usa. Do not patronise , pronouncing Sofia would be an obvious start. Bald and Bankrupt you will never be. Go home and play in the local park.

  7. Pathetic. The worst Vlog ever. Ladies market is vibrant. Does it not occur to you this is the time of COVID. How can you visit a market without cash. Naive ! Compounded by exchanging only 20 euro !
    Your Vlog is for your benefit . Go home and practice your face pulls !

  8. I wouldnt say Sophia is quiet but very few people actually work in the centre, so you do not see so many people during the day except a few pensioners and a few lost tourists. Not sure who goes to the Zhenski pazar anymore. and Bulgaria IS the BALKANS. please learn some basic geography. the Balkan mountains or Stara Planina is in Bulgaria…cuts the country in half. This mountain gave the name of the peninsula…and only apart of that peninsula is occupied by former Yugoslavia that gave a bad rep to the name Balkans. I am tired of this level of ignorance and of the name Balkans being hijacked like this. the Mountains in ex-Yugoslavia are called the Dinarids.

  9. Hello we hope all is well we have just got back from Bulgaria . We did not manage to go to Sophia and we were worried to go due to the riots . But we had a great time . wish we knew you were there as we may have tried to connect with you . 🙂 . Love and Light God Bless Sarah and Glenn

  10. doooooooooooog the best baklava and shit in sofia is like a few doors downnnn im so sad you missed it

  11. mmm wouldnt say a lot of tourists go to the womens market, sofia is still pretty lowkey when it comes to tourism

  12. no enthusiam guys. I have visited the area and their is so much to see. You make it sound boring. To many of these traveling blog sites you have to differentiate yourself because these sites are all to familiar. Time to excite or see the travel vlogs go the way of the dodo bird

  13. hey bro love your show you seem like a really awsome cool dude!!! can you talk about if you traveled your experiences with the girls from different countries you been to how do they look their attitude do they speak english and are they easy to hookup with also what races do good in what countries and how travel improves your sexual market value and helps you get laid also some fun things you did and fun places you recommend and what is the best way to meet lots of girls and to hookup while traveling on your next video thanks keep up the good work!!! :):)

  14. Very very good…………. kfk everycolour desi cooking utoube channel which made cooking easiest with desi stlye

  15. It took me some time to try and figure out what your heritage country is then realized I have friends whose names are Avital, Yuval, Sapir… so know I know, shalom :). Hope you have good time in my home city, and stay safe.

  16. The word for honey is MED
    Zdraveite is how you say hello
    And, Bulgaria is definitely in the Balkans. That’s where the word Balkan comes from….the Balkan Mountain range, in Bulgaria.
    And, the center of Sofia is on Vitosha and around the NDK. It’s always full of life and very active in that area. You were by the train station which isn’t that lively unless you are right at the train station.
    How do I know? I lived in Bulgaria for two years as a Peace Corps volunteer and married a Bulgarian 🤗

  17. Dude you need to goto Bishkek Kyrgyzstan!!! I think youd love it! If you ever decide to head there let me know! I can show you around and my GF is Kyrgyz so we have a translator LOL!

  18. Honey is Med 😉 you must go to the mountainsvilliages of pirin ,stara planina , or the 7 leakes of Rila ! 🙂

  19. Fantastic vlog mate Bulgaria is beautiful thanks for sharing such amazing content keep up the great work

  20. Sophia is lovely and quiet . I liked it. Lots of things for sale on the corner and the desserts looks so delicious.

  21. WOW beautiful place I wanna visit the Balkan Regions someday…….very laidback city no hustling n busting traffic…😂🤣😅 the produce fruits n vegetables looks fresh..👍👍👍👍✌️👌

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