Anti-Muslim Hatred in Bulgaria

Bulgarian Muslims say they have been subjected to discrimination because of their religion. Anti-Muslim sentiments are widespread, and it might be the only EU country to see a drop in its Muslim population due to people leaving.

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  1. Hu In Pakistan they also teach false and hate history against Hindus, Sikhs and Christens these muslims are getting education, facilities, better pay, Rights it's better than the condition of Non muslims in Pakistan at least. At least these people don't glorify killing of innocent people who refused to convert. 😌

  2. Can't wait for Anti-Hindu, Anti-Sikh and Anti-Christian sentiment going unreported in Pakistan where a 13 year old Christian girl and her 12 year old friend were kidnapped and the 13 year old was forcefully married to a 40 year old man and out of fear and possible death threats, she confessed to being married and converted out of her own will, when in truth she was threatened, her 12 year old friend is still missing, many believe her to be sold in human trafficking. Shame on TRT!

  3. wtf is wrong with the comment section? let the girl whatever the heck she wants to put on , Muslims in Europe are different from other parts of the world

  4. When I comment about Christian Genocides committed by Turks, Circassians and Kurds
    This Turkish Tarot ( TRT ) deletes my comment.

    TRT is a joke. 📢

    And here they speak about liberalism.

  5. Lets see whether you have the right to accused North Korea and China as Islamophobia in their country.

  6. Bulgaria is not Arabized and to follow Islam.. Bulgaria is European country with democracy.. Islam is spreaded by Cia and Saudi to cause violence at the countries and war.. Look how Islamic ideology put Muslims sunni and Shia to fight in Syria, Yemen Pakistan Afghanistan… Bulgaria is not going to be like Syria

  7. In muslim countries u won't allow others to practice their religion. Then why do u expect concession.
    If u don't like the culture of Bulgaria, why don't u go to Islamic countries.

  8. If a christian go to a muslim country he have to wear hijab and long pants and so on .why are you so amazed of this regulations which are not religious but state one

  9. I am from Bulgaria I have never seen a single confrontation between Christian and Muslim bulgarians.
    Bulgarians are racist towards gypsies not against the turkish.

  10. Ironical Muslim brotherhood never allows any other religions or culture in Muslim Majority countries but constantly demanding for the this and that in other countries which completely damage their countries culture, Tradition and Peace . EU should wipe out the stain before it becomes unerasable.

  11. Bulgarians have been abused by the Turks for centuries. It's wrong for them to discriminate against muslims today, I agree, but you have to understand their side as well.

  12. There are laws in schoos that a student's face/head cannot be covored. I doubt that the rule was made in that moment for the country or just for her. You cannot go into a country and cry so that the laws are changed to suit you.Either live with it or move away.

  13. Because Bulgarians have bad past with turks. Many Bulgarians were killed during last years of ottoman rule as part of their suppression against rationalism

  14. The whole video looks just like one sided provocation. Yes, there are problems, there are people that have racist views but from this video it looks like it is the majority of people, which is absolutely untrue. There is no actual and factual information given in this clip. Just one case and they want us to believe that this is a daily occurence in the Bulgarian schools. This case is not the rule, and the school most likely didn't have any policy about the head covering  and it was easier just to ignore and relocate her, making her someone else's problem. There must be firm rules about the dress code in schools in general, because the lack of any as shown creates confusion. Most likely nobody knew if it was allowed for her to wear the head covering because it isn't a common thing. This just shows that even for Bulgarian muslims is not a common thing for women to wear it.

    There were many Bulgarian-Turkish people in my neighborhood and none of the women wore head covering. I am not discussing why that is and maybe women are just recently returning to this practice but this actually shows more changes in the country's political climate as more liberal.(but for some reason also shows the Muslim community as becomenig more conservative.)And if that is so, it explains the school's confusion. This is a new thing that needs to be faced fast because it opens the door for more people to just sue the country even if they aren't that religious in real life.These are just my observations and personal opinion, not statistical facts. Just like a big part of this video.

  15. Nice joke European anti Hijabist.
    Btw, did Mother Mary wore something on head ?? 🤔
    Oh yes she did wear a Headscarf (Hijab in Arabic)

    Judge for yourselves: Is it proper for a woman to pray to God with her head uncovered? Does not the very nature of things teach you that if a man has long hair, it is a disgrace to him, but that if a woman has long hair, it is her glory? For long hair is given to her as a covering. If anyone wants to be contentious about this, we have no other practice — nor do the churches of God.

    — 1 Corinthians 11:2-16,

    Read your Bible again.
    Btw does nuns wears something on head ?

  16. People leaving the country because of poverty not because of islamophobia. Christians also leave the country, I loved and lived in Bulgaria. You are liar

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