Apartment Tour Of PRO VOLLEYBALL Player In Bulgaria

What does an apartment of a Professional Volleyball player? Well wait no more, here you go! My name is Gage and I am an American rookie playing professionally in Burgas, Bulgaria and this is my apartment.



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  1. Kaimana ball boy will be seeing this video when he gets home from school! The Stan is not the same without you and a bunch of other guys!!! Miss you guys! No shenanigans going on!

  2. What happens if you wander too far from home? Uh-oh1 😂 Googled the spelling for word gauge and misspelled it as gage and you popped up, for spell checking and definition checks for work. Great seeing you!!!

  3. Always funny to here that "everyone in europe is doing things a certain way" 😉 Just to clearify: in Germany e.g. we can drink the water from the tap and i personally like to keep my washing machine in the basement.

    Great to see you playing in europe as well and thanks for your impressions 💪🏾

    Would love to see a video of your pre game routine and the music your listening to, to get pumped up 🙂

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