Are Turks living in Bulgaria still oppressed?

Turks arrived in modern-day Bulgaria more than 600 years ago, when the country was under Ottoman rule. During the communist regime, they were subjected to brutal oppression and ethnic cleansing. So, we asked them how they live 30 years after the implementation of the forced assimilation policy.

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  1. What a hypocritical video….so Turks in BG were opressed but Bulgarians were florishing under communism….how come the civilised and democratic Turks never rebelled against the Holy Khalifate that is hypocritically called Ottoman Empire like it was some european empire so they support the rights of their brothers the Christians for 500 years. If you live in a house of glass dont throw stones, or at least tell the whole truth. In the death camps after 1944 it was 180 000 bulgarians exterminated there not turks, but somehow this biased rasist islamic fundamentalist video talks how just the turks suffered like bulgarians were having the time of their life under the soviet system. This is not unbiased journalism, this is called agenda chasing.

  2. I'm not Bulgarian or Christian. I'm Muslim, and TRT as usual spits some garbage to propagate its (Turk brotherhood) agenda.

    My mom worked with lots of Bulgarians and were pretty cool with her, stop spreading hate and exaggerate everything based on some stupid graffiti written by 10 years old.

  3. The irony of Bulgarians is that the ancient Bulgarians that founded Bulgaria are Volga Bulgar Turkic people of Central Asia who migrated and settled in modern day Bulgaria and mixed with the Balkans

  4. Turks aren't oppressed. Even if they are, Bulgarians don't take away Turkish kids forcibly, unlike the Turks who did take Bulgarian children and other Balkan Christians (search 'blood tax' to see what I'm talking about).

  5. As a Turk I love Bulgarians but its so frustrating to see the comments and see so many of you state “WE wERE opPrEsSeD unDEr tHe oTToMan EmPIrE” just because it was considered under an empire. It used to be a historical region, not some sort of regime. Clearly you guys were able to keep your ethnic Bulgarian names and practice christianity for centuries! But yet turks were ethnically cleansed off both those religious and cultural aspects and it was even admitted as an ethnic cleasning by the bulgarian government in 2012 like I don’t understand why theres people trying to flip the script just to make themselves feel better. Just accept what the country did was bad, don’t panic it won’t make your country look bad and we don’t hate you. It was history but it doesn’t hurt to be a human and acknowledge what happened to us. Dismissing it is just another form of discrimination, end of.

  6. I Witnessed Some Foreigners Calling The Ottoman Empire, The State Founded By The Turks, A Repressive And Slave State. You are Ungrateful. The Ottoman Empire did not assimilate the places it conquered, did not force its people to turn to another religion like Rome. It was the Ottoman Turkish State. Turks have shown mercy even to their enemies throughout history. Had the Ottoman Empire assimilated the places it conquered, it would still be alive now. The Ottoman Empire gave freedom of belief to everyone, regardless of whether they were Muslim or non-Muslim. This is As The Conqueror of Istanbul, Fatih Sultan Mehmet gave freedom to the Christian people when he entered the Hagia Sophia Mosque. The Slavery You Call Is Actually Not Even Slavery. The Ottomans took the children without a mother or father in the places they conquered, raised them, and made them choose religion with their free will. Later, These Persons took place in the state, were made soldiers and were brought to important positions. These Persons were Provided with Job Opportunities and Salary was Tied. Is This Slavery? If We Look At Your Slavery, The Slavery Of The Roman, You Will Be Tongue. Most of the Non-Muslim Peoples in the Ottoman Empire were also richer than Muslims. Because They Enriched Themselves by Entering into Trade, Thanks to the Freedom of the Ottoman Empire. If you read the history from our sources rather than from our sources, you would understand the value of the Turks.

  7. Every person in Bulgaria has his own individual rights guaranteed by the constitution and the law, yet some losers thing that ethnicity is the reason they are being rejected. There is no such thing as 600 000 ethnic turks in Bulgaria, but turkish propaganda likes to pretend that muslim equals ethnic turk.

  8. wow you really showing the one side of the coin huh? did you not forget how turkey denied the existence of the genocides and tried to make it look like the 500 years of oppression, enslavement and genocides were just “living together”

  9. İ can easily understand that why my parents forced to migrate Turkey when i see the comments. This ideas are product of strict racism and discrimination . How can human being doesnt let person's family to write his real name to the tombstone that belongs him ? What do you want from the dead ones ? How can you expect people to bow down such kind of lousy events ?

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