Asking the British Public.. WHERE IS BULGARIA?

Какво става guys!

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  1. Искам още такива видеа за България от други градове! ❤️🇧🇬

  2. great video, you can tell them that we invent Cyrilic Alphabet on today date 24 may .. they will be impressed and stunned of surprize

  3. 1:29 NO it isn't in Russia😑😑 2:48 no no no no!! OMG I know that he doesn't have to know where is Bulgaria but please don't mess Bulgaria with Russia

  4. What an amazing coincidence that a country whose animal symbol is a lion ended up eventually being shaped like a lion. Its flower symbol is a rose, which is most deserved.

  5. Bulgaria is oldest country in Europe. Bulgaria is first national state in Europe which adopt Christianity and Bulgarian church became first national independent church in Europe in year 927.
    Bulgarians created Bulgarian Civilization with Bulgarian language, Bulgarian alphabet Cyrillic and Orthodox Christianity.

    Bulgarians spread Christianity and the Bible, translated into Bulgarian language and written in Cyrillic, among the so-called "Slavs" and incorporated most of the "Slavs" into Bulgarian civilization, including the Russians.

    All so-called "Slavic" languages are created on the basis of Bulgarian language. Russian language and so-called "Slavic" languages on the Balkans are dialects of Bulgarian language.
    Today about 300 million people in Eurasia including Russia use Bulgarian writing system Cyrillic as the official alphabet.

  6. This is sad… I am from Bulgaria and I never had an idea, that the people around the world think that Bulgaria is in Russia or something like that. Bulgaria has a great story. Even was one of the greatest countries… like I said this is very sad.

  7. First of all, Bulgaria is in the Balkans, that's in SOUTH Europe, not East Europe. We have nothing to do with Ukraine or Belarus.
    Second, why would it be funny to have such low expectations of Bulgaria? The country that used to rule this continent at one point? At what universe its funny to belittle a country like that? Try doing the same for England, see how funny they find it.

  8. SPANISH 😂 I am deceased. This was a super fun video to watch, always up for any of your content, lovely! 💕

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