Back in Bulgaria after 6 years

Neli returning home to Bulgaria after 6 years. Whats changed?

We left our normal lives behind to become Nomads; we are working towards becoming a full-time travelling family.

After a short trip to Bulgaria to catch up with some family, we headed off to Thailand via the Phuket sandbox program. After 14 days of island quarantine, we will be travelling the rest of Thailand, taking in some of the beautiful tropical island of southern Thailand before heading of north to Chiang Mai and beyond to visit some of the hidden gems Thailand has to offer.

We are a travelling family with two small children, come and join us as we learn how to home school the little ones, grow on this mad world of YouTube travel vlogs, learn how to make money online, and grow as humans.

We have officially made ourselves homeless and jobless to travel the world, we did manage to save a bit of money, but we do need a plan. We are working on lots of simple and not so simple ideas to maintain our love for travel and love for wanderlust.

Please support us so we can learn and grow to make some useful and some blissfully unwinding travel vlogs. Thailand is an amazing place to travel around, and we are confident that you will love some of the street food, hotels, restaurants, islands and temples that this country has to offer.

If you are thinking of leaving your life behind to travel the world and become a travel vlogger, then please support us, help us help you and share with you our mistakes so that you don’t make the same. Like, Share & Subscribe for our YouTube channel, check out our travel blog and follow us on Instagram for top travel tips, places you must visit, food you need to try, experiences you need to go for and so much more.

You only live once!!

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