Behind Bars: The World’s Toughest Prisons – Sofia Central Prison, Bulgaria | Free Documentary

Behind Bars – Episode 5: Sofia Central Prison, Bulgaria | Prison Documentary

Behind Bars – Episode – Tent City Jail, Phoenix, Arizona, US:

With a crumbling foundation more than fit for demolition, the conditions in Sofia Central prison is inhospitable for anyone, including criminals. However, with multiple prisoner cells, bunks stacked 3 stories high and horrid isolation cells, prisoners live idly behind bars for 23 hours a day.

The series accompanies guards on their daily routines: those who struggle to maintain law and order and those who abuse their powers mercilessly. But above all, each episode allows the viewer to see the world from the prisoner’s point of view: the newcomer spending his first terrifying night locked up. Felons who live for the day when their fate will be decided: will it be life behind bars? A worse fate? Foreigners, far away from home, languishing away under the most horrendous conditions. And mothers who have to raise their children in the shadow of prison bars.
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  1. This is not rehabilitation, per se, but if I had spent time here, I'd be super good when I got out.

  2. There is something crooked going on here. No camera access to some wards, guards talking secretly to inmates, probably threatening them not to say "too much". Damn.

  3. Hamza is not a very German name. 1st lie: he is not a German, 2 nd lie: he is not a victim. Economic predators are not refugees.

  4. I wonder if anything has changed in this prison since the publicity of this documentary? I doubt it. This is pretty shameful for an EU country but the EU has to take a lot of the blame for not coming down on Bulgaria with heavy and harsh action. It's beyond me how the EU can block the entry of other countries such as Turkey due to their human rights record yet basically permit these serious abuses by one of its own. I'm broadly in favour of the EU but in so many areas it's about as much use as the proverbial chocolate fireguard.

  5. Ser delincuente es muy mal negocio.estar enjaulado en la mejor edad .y sin disfrutar sexo .yo no le veo ninguna gracia a eso.prefiero estar palmao..pero bailame mis buenos tangos

  6. Maybe we should send the worse of the worse from u.s. to this prison and Madagascar maybe it will turn them around

  7. The editors have very little grasp on the bulgarian language
    Most of the translations are either wrong or oversimplified

  8. And the narrator seems to hate the nice, clean American prisons. Watches conditions like these and claims Sheriff Joe is a bad guy.

  9. If there was an escape attempt six months ago, where is the footage of it? If there are cameras all over the prison, wouldn't a prisoner attacking a guard be on camera??

  10. That "commander" looks like a corupt chickensht. I bet all inmates makes fun of this clown, which i also bet he's on mafia payroll.

  11. The best part of these series is how they try to make you feel sorry for the conditions they put themselves in. Oh you dont like it??? Maybe you shouldn't have stabbed someone to death. I say the conditions should be worse but at least put them to work.

  12. I love yr show prison man men ya tro top sa
    Yes u sava life friends
    Yes when we tell people what happen to me in prison Mauritius 100nn 1000× plus suffering pain torturing rap pffff u should came to Mauritius or never u will regret if someone esle do to film on prisons moris u willregret all yr prison show that u have film it to little u have see
    Much came here Mauritius prison is hell on earth
    All the video that on YouTube we have Mauritius prison all r fake
    Plzzz we need u

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  16. When you're a refugee and choose to return to Afghanistan rather than stay where you are, that's truly saying something.

  17. 6:44 "They never turn their back on a loose prisoner. It would be foolish to turn your back on over 100 convicted felons"
    6:59 Two guards approach and either look away or turn their back to the loose prisoner, as two more appear from around a corner

  18. I recently bought an apartment close to this prison. I think they are currently preparing to build a bigger prison outside the city, because this one is on the brink of collapsing. And as every government structure in Bulgaria, this one is corrupt to its roots.

  19. Yes. Madagascar was the worst Human rights violations I have ever seen in my life. I couldn't have dreamed up a place as shocking as that.
    But when you see some of the other prisons being run by the crims and corrupt officials it makes you wonder WHY are those officials there ?
    Everything is run by the almighty dollar and it's sick….. what has this world come too ?
    The same happens in the free world.. the rich get richer and get whatever they want.
    While the poor get poorer, get forgotten about and left for dead.
    There is so much EVIL in this world…. and sometimes it makes me ashamed to be human. 🌏

  20. "Bulgaria is shredded with corruption and pvoerty, even years after joining the EU". Well thats the problem RIGHT THERE!! The EU is corrupt and does nothing for its member nation states except suck money from the tax payers and flood they're countries with ultra poverty stricken refugees whom are at odds culturally with the natives and suck welfare from the people leaving little money left for these prisons among other institutions. The EU is the next communist take over of Europe. Once designed and launched to protect Europeans nations FROM communist Russia has NOW BECOME communist Russia USSR 2.0 and that is why Europe is having so many damn problems and why the people want to get out of the EU. Let the nations govern they're own borders and laws.

  21. Bulgaria is same as Serbia….Same prisons, same capital city, but only difference is that in Serbia we got 3 big prisons like this one, and i think 37 smal prisons. But of those 3 bigest prisons, prison in Nis is bigger then this one, in Nis we got 1500 inmates…i was there 2 times…… If u get out from Nis wihout the scratch, it means that u can survive on any place on Earth.

  22. If you don't wanna go there, don't commit crimes. Its a prison, not a hotel with 3 meals per day. These places shouldn't be comfortable, they should be a lesson. If you manage to go out, get a decent life.

  23. SPEAKERS VOICE IS TOO FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Okay great! So, Bulgaria is 100% off my list of countries to visit.🤦🙅‍♀️

  25. I think am ready to go to prison now…. the way am addicted to this documentary 🙄🤦…… can't go a minute without watching them 😏

  26. The jail director during the "failed escape attempt" acted guilty as sin. His body language and the eye contact are so obvious.

  27. One correction to your comment on the swastika being a right wing symbol… no its a symbol adopted by the kkk wich was founded by the left wing democrats

  28. Another comment section where every other idiot keeps posting "madagascar". Why are you people sooooo boring?? Why???

  29. Typical to see a modern communist paint himself as a champion of minorities. The australian is without a doubt lying as to why he is in prison.

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