BEHIND THE STEADICAM * Eurovision Song Contest 2021 — Bulgaria 🇧🇬

BEHIND THE STEADICAM at Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Rotterdam. A series of videos where you can join me, Tomas Antonsson, and Job Scholtze on a journey behind the scenes, to show you the hard work done to deliver you and the viewers a mood and the story of each song performed.

A big shout-out to everyone in the Dutch camera crew, light crew, stage crew and organisation for an amazing time in Rotterdam making this show together. ✨

The adorable VICTORIA performing her beautiful song GROWING UP IS GETTING OLD for Bulgaria 🇧🇬 in the Eurovision Song Contest. This is one is of my favourites in the ESC 2021. I got goosebumps after the first rehearsals and I just had to tell her that. 😊 Victoria made it to the 11th place with a total of 170 points in the Grand final.

Director — Daniel Jelinek
Director Assistant — Sjewa Frank

Steadicam Operator — Tomas Antonsson
Focus puller — Julia Lorenz
Steadicam Operator — Job Scholtze
Focus puller — Feline Pothuizen

Victoria — Growing Up Is Getting Old
written by Helena Larsson, Maya Nalani, Oliver Björkvall, Victoria Georgieva
© 2021 Ligna Group & Ostereo Limited

™ Eurovision and the Eurovision Song Contest logo are registered trademark of European Broadcasting Union and used with permission by EBU 2022.

Footage used in this video,
* EBU,
* YouTube channel Flip A,
* And footage from my own Insta 360 camera, iPhone and Steadicam

0:00 — Intro
0:09 — The smile 😉
0:41 — Shot 1, TOMAS
1:02 — Shot 2, JOB
1:43 — Shot 3, TOMAS
2:28 — Shot 4, JOB
2:58 — Meanwhile at the Focus Office

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  1. I think you need to show that 360 cam at the focus office more often. It give a very good visual of the stage and also you with job rather than use the audience's footage

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