Beyond The Roundup | Pharmacy Queues Growing in Bulgaria as Ivermectin is Made Available

Article 1:
Pharmacy Queues Growing in Bulgaria as Ivermectin is Made Available:
The drug Huvemek, which contains the active ingredient ivermectin, is of great interest in hundreds of pharmacies across the country in Bulgaria, this, according to a BLIC reporter. This happened just a few days after the Medicines Executive Agency allowed the drug to be sold free of charge.

Article 2:
Brazilian Pharmaceutical Company Counters Merck’s Position on Ivermectin Efficacy & Safety for COVID-19:
In what can be considered a direct rebuttal to another ivermectin manufacturer in the United States, a Brazilian pharmaceutical manufacturer known as Vitamedic Indústria Farmacêutica recently issued a communication declaring that a report by the Merck-MSD drug group “on the effectiveness of Ivermectin in covid-19 treatment, shows its unique views on this issue.” The Brazilian company essentially communicated that Merck’s statement highlighted “its isolated opinion on the matter.”

Article 3:
The End of COVID-19 Pandemic? Johns Hopkins’ Dr. Makary Says Probably:
A February 18 Opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal is raising hopes, and possibly healthy skepticism, with its title and thesis being: “We’ll Have Herd Immunity by April.” The author is Dr. Martin Makary, a professor of health policy and management and public health expert at Johns Hopkins University. He notes that the media is under reporting on the dramatic fact that COVID-19 cases are down 77 percent just in the last six weeks. Largely this is, “because natural immunity from prior infection is far more common than can be measured by testing.” Applying some statistics to the case data, we could deduce the around 55 percent in the US have natural immunity. At the same time, vaccinations have been rolling out, and 15 percent of Americans have gotten a vaccine with the percentage rising fast. Based on these factors, “There is reason to think the country is racing toward an extremely low level of infection. As more people have been infected, most of whom have mild or no symptoms, there are fewer Americans left to be infected. At the current trajectory, I expect Covid will be mostly gone by April, allowing Americans to resume normal life.”


  1. The elite in this world want to turn us into their slaves and if we don’t go along with it we will be persecuted. Global warming or climate change is not man-made but they will tell you it is so they can tax you to death until you don’t have a dime left to your name and they have it all

  2. If iver … gets authorize world wide trillion of these drugs shall be sold , a living testament on actual facts.Would save millions of lives aound the world.

  3. All that Merck needs to do is to tell consumers its up to their doctors to have a final say on the use of Ivermectin . Likewise for FDA/CDC/NIH. These corrupted minds are more worried about the sales of vaccines.

  4. You can achieve herd immunity only if all vaccines have equal efficacy at 100% and 70% of world population at active towns and cities had been achieved. Nope this Covid will not end

  5. Herd immunity was talked about last year and how natural it was. Now it's being used as a media confirmation of the effectiveness of the vaccine roll out!!!!

  6. Who knows what is the long term effects of the vaccine are ? Nobody.
    Ivermectin used for 40years without side effects, NOW THATS A NO BRAINER, to me.
    $$$$$$$$$$$$$ in play, we know big Pharma want to rule.

  7. It is disappointing to me that the full benefit of Ivermectin is not being fully harnessed.

    Doxycycline amplifies the effectiveness of Ivermectin whilst Zinc Sulphate taken in combination with these two medicines suppresses viral replication in human cells.

    Add to that Melatonin, Vitamin D and an anticoagulant appropriate to the patient, and you have covered all major aspects of this disease.

    If this treatment is applied at the earliest opportunity full recovery is achieved within 5 days in all cases.

  8. America – if you want to lower healthcare costs, repurpose every proven and safe drug. I want to see my FDA and NIH do that immediately. Health insurers and Medicare should demand and make that happen now. My doctor is from India, he has Ivermecin in his family’s medicine closet and won’t hesitate to dispense it or take it in at the first sign of trouble.

  9. The criminals will be releasing a new virus soon that may overcome ivermectin. They have spent years preparing for this campaign. So we really need to trace the money and vax marketing and arrest the snakes.

  10. All Rh positive blood types were created by man made artificial biotech antigens patented vaccines that's why there's so little Rh negs..O negs onto O positive of artifical antigens man made..A negs onto A positive of artificial antigens man made patented vaccines..B negs onto B positive with artificial man made biotech antigens vaccined..AB negs onto AB positive of artificial antigens man made biotech patented…now the full spiking artificial biotech man made antigens patented ..that's the virus..underlaying conditions not treated with antivirals and antiparasite Meds but the artificial full spiking biotech man made patented by men.Im Rh positive and it's not lies it's the truth.Rh neg blood rejects Rh positive of biotech artificial antigens man made through vaccines..that's what they won't tell the people.All educated and highly educated to believe they don't know where Rh neg came from but pushed biotech vaccines since birth saying we need artificial biotech antigens on our blood cells to combat deseases. .it's lies..they've filled the Earth's people with artificial man made antigens on their blood cells…and won't promote antivirals or antiparasite Meds.Thats why there's so little Rh negs.Rh negs aren't alien to Earth but our blood types are getting more artificial biotech antigen spiked made by men…and considered alien to Earth.Dont need to hunt for a virus or look at China but all youre own countries Government health patent biotech artifical antigen vaccine creators and patentors owners.Telling lies about history of blood types and how we became Rh positive of biotech antigens all man made and patented.Doing it to children from birth..industry and economies and human trafficking or making people less classed as human because of biotech artificial antigens man made and injected into bodies and put onto blood cells..that's why people looking for human rights don't get them..they artificially modify our blood cells to not class us as human…global spiking artifical antigens man made and patented put into our bodies while they take all the Earth's land ownership..The men owning the patents owning the Earth because they haven't any biotech artificial man made patents in their bodies.Thats why they rich and own people.and push global citizen lies.

  11. You can You Tube Edmond man says cheap drug for dogs cured his cancer. It should be hosted by Koko 5 news. This man’s cancer treatment costed 1.2 million & the cancer spread all over his body. Someone gave him fenbendazole which is an anti parasitic which costed $ 5. per week. He’s cured. He was the only one of of over a thousand cancer patients, to have no cancer left in his body. Makes me realize how all those years of donating was not going to come up with cancer cures because it’s more profitable to keep the patients in sick care. Sick care cash cows 🐄 makes much more profit than health care.
    Same thing with this bull shit c – 19 vaxXes The emergency use authorization for these vaxxes is a lie because there are treatments that work. Dr. Vladimir Zalenko is nominated for the Nobel prize for his work with treating his patients with Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin & Zink. Ivermectin works, too. Virus is a parasite. When you stop the viral or parasitic replication early, your body’s defense system can work the way God designed it to work & kill the intruders & heal itself. The real parasites we have to worry about is the ones walking around, wanting to make money off you and our children, family & friends at the cost to our health & our lives. Check out Pam Popper & Americans Frontline Drs. Lots of lawsuits in the works. Their books are super helpful, too.

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