Bulgaria 0-6 England | Three Lions Dominate in Six-Goal Thriller! | Euro 2020 Qualifiers | England

England took one step closer towards realising their Euro 2020 dreams with a six nil win over Bulgaria.

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  1. Coming from a Scotland fan ,that was a excellent performance from England ,they will win a tournament with there young players

  2. So nobody will talk about "We're racist, we're racist, and that's the way we like it!" Or the man who called the Bulgarian gypsies at the England-Bulgaria match?

  3. What's with all that racism Bulgarian fans?
    You own Bulgarian team has black players as well, Pashov is black.

  4. Yeah,all bulgarians are racist,because of some braindead ''football'' fans :D:D.Thats why everyone hates england

  5. I still don't understand how England could not win the world cup back in 2018, despite having a similar team here.

    I'm guessing they gained a lot of levels up here? Or are Bulgaria and Montenegro really that bad of teams? Or both reasons?

  6. The bulgarians in the comments said we are not racist, but as someone who grew up in bulgaria, I am saying that they are real, racist.

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  8. Not all Balkan is racist , Kosovo is not England is welocmed in kosovo and not all bulgarians are racist 💙 respect to all 🇽🇰

  9. 1st goal was rashford's individual brilliance .. then was harry kane – 1 key pass 3 assist 1 goal .. he is a beast

  10. Booing doesn't necessarily mean racism. By the way, who invented racism and who put it into political practice? The Bulgarians?!

  11. Watched an old England – Beckham era – match the other day…it used to be horrible watching England give the ball away constantly. I know it's Bulgaria (no offence) but the level of skill of England players and patterns of play are on a completely different level. Let's hope it leads to something if we ever have another major tournament…

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