Bulgaria: 4 policemen injured as thousands of anti-vax protesters try to breach parliament

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Around 3,000 protesters tried to storm the Bulgarian parliament in Sofia on Wednesday. At least four officers were injured as police successfully blocked the attempt.

Opponents of the COVID-19 vaccine policy gathered on the parliament’s forecourt carrying Bulgarian national flags and national symbols as the country battles with the Omicron surge. Police officers could be seen standing between the crowd and the entrance to parliament pushing back the protesters.

The rally was organised by the ultra-nationalist Revival Party, parliament’s smallest party. Currently, Bulgarians must wear masks indoors and on public transport and show a health passport – which is given to those fully vaccinated, recovered or negatively tested – to enter restaurants, cafés, shopping centres or gyms.

Bulgaria is currently the least vaccinated country in the EU, with 28 percent of the population having had two jabs of the coronavirus vaccine.

More than 31,000 people died in the country with COVID-19 since the pandemic started.


SOT, Kalina Promanova, Protester (Bulgarian): “As I know what a silly and ‘green’ heads with green certificates work in that building, I do not have a lot of expectations. But I came here to defend my dignity.”

SOT, Ivanka Chocheva, Protester: “We want normal life as it was before. Of course there will be sick people, they always existed.”

SOT, Diana Chaneva, Protester (Bulgarian): “The green certificate, the vaccination – all those things are useless.”

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