Bulgaria: Annual military exercise Breeze 2022 kicks off with 11 NATO countries in Black Sea

With the participation of 11 countries from NATO, Bulgaria’s annual military Sea exercise “Breeze 2022” kicked off in the Black Sea, near the city of Burgas on Friday.

“11 countries participated, including Bulgaria. 10 NATO Allies. Naval forces participated with patrol aircraft. We also had maritime patrol aviation as part of this exercise. The exercise is a measure of NATO’s frontline presence. We are working hard with our allies.” said Dragomir Zakov, Bulgaria’s Minister of Defence.

Naval forces from Bulgaria, Albania, the United States, Greece, Belgium, Italy, France, Poland, Romania, Latvia, and Turkey participate in the exercises, and they will be joined by the NATO Naval Command.

1,390 military personnel, 24 warships and auxiliary ships and cutters, 5 aeroplanes, and 4 helicopters are taking part in the exercises.

The exercises come at a time of growing tension in Europe after the Moldovan authorities prevented Russian troops stationed in Transnistria from passing through their territory.
Ruptly – (Ruptly GmbH is a Russian state-owned video news agency specializing in video-on-demand, based in Berlin, Germany. It is a subsidiary of the Russian state-controlled television network RT.)
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