Bulgaria be like…

Bulgaria, being defeated by the other balkan powers so many times, but still somehow has dobruja.

Balkans be like…

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  1. the first thing about the 2BW is so not true. Bulgaria only diclare war on Serbia but then Greece join and we were actually good but then we got atack by the Romanians and then turkey and we lose even tho we were able to defeat all

  2. Nice mispresentation.
    Bulgaria did not want to fight Greece at ally it declared war to Serbia because Serbia broke the treaty they had for the maceodnian land which should have gone to Bulgaria rather Serbia.
    The reason for that claim is that Macedonia has always been ethnic bulgarian and Serbia terrorized the people there, turning em into brainwashed "macedonians" which they are now.
    Yes it was bad move from Bulgaria ro attack then, but it was gonna happen sooner or later, just Romania shouldnt have backstabed Bulgaria for no reason at all and the war would have gone well

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