1. The song is composed by Vasil Garvanliev and it's exactly in his style. It feels like his third try in the competition, the previous two being in Eurovision 2020 and 2021 when he represented North Macedonia. People say third time's the charm but unfortunately it looks like even this time his song will flop and honestly I'm kinda sad for him, especially when I know he has some really good songs.

  2. I am so disappointed with this song. For some reason every time our song of junior Eurovision feels so outdated and boring. We need to send something modern and fun, stop with these ballads. Just compare this boring song to North Macedonia's which is a bop. I will not be surprised if we get the last place this year with this Disney fairytale-ish outdated song. Not to mention that the lyrics make like -50 sense.

  3. Bulgaria is such a beautiful language. I think the song would be better fully in Bulgarian. I think they will elevate it even more live! Good luck!

  4. They're staging needs to be fairytale-magical-dreamy-like and colorful and they do need to practice more and make this Disney-like song shines more 🤎🤎

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