Bulgaria deploys troops to Turkish border amid migrant influx

Bulgarian forces have deployed hundreds of troops to the border with Turkey in a bid to stop illegal migrant crossings, as well as to restore damaged parts of the border fence.

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  1. That means, Bulgaria will stay and look like Europe.

    Pity, we need Eastern European nations to remain to be European, even with their communist past.

  2. Islam has been launching invasion into Europe, through Turkey, for over a thousand years. Seriously, over a thousand years. We know what they're doing, but our so called leaders have sold us out.

  3. In the same way the 'woke ones' advocate open borders for illegal migrants, i advocate having access to the Ultra Rich's bank accounts and offshore wealth storage facilities….why not? It seems to me that we're supposed to share everything except their wealth!

  4. Eu should build security in the countries neighbouring turkey those isis supporters should keep responsibility for the refugees

  5. Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia… all leading the way, now it looks like something bigger is happening.

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