Bulgaria: Is there a distant future for the world's fastest-shrinking country?

Bulgaria is facing a population collapse, being the fastest-shrinking nation worldwide.

From 9 million people in the 90s, Bulgarians are now less than 7 million. According to the UN, the country’s current population is expected to decrease to less than 3.9 million by the end of the century.

The challenges that Bulgarians face are many – high death rate, low birth rate, poverty, negative net migration and uneven population density.

We meet Bulgarians who vary in their age, beliefs and understanding of the devastating demographic crisis, in search of the answer whether the EU’s poorest country has a distant future.


This is a university documentary project made by Simona Tselova, a Journalism graduate at City, University of London.

I do not own any rights of the music used for this work.

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– Gaidastep, by Digital Nottich

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  1. Does low population means bad future for Bulgaria?..I don't really think so. why their Lev is so strong and Passport among the top 20?

  2. I'm sick and tired to see such a idiotic propaganda payed from abroad. All of the comments below are coming from a people that a having less than a basic knowledge or intelligence.

  3. I'm Romanian and I'm praying for Bulgaria, Romania is fighting this problem, thankfully data shows that by 2035 population will grow again here in my country. 🇷🇴

  4. man i am bulgarian we were great adn did a lot of things for the world but we have no future we did our purpose


  6. oldest country that has never changed it`s name ???? Lol Bulgaria is one of the newest countries , balkan nationalism is absurd everyone claims to be descendant from ancient people puahaha , San Marino is the oldest country with the oldest still existing name

  7. Видиото ми хареса много. Някой е отделил доста време и желание да го направи както трябва

  8. The corrupt Bulgarian government is not protecting village life and old traditions… it's a government with no vision, they are corrupt and all they care about is schemes to steal EU funds.

  9. свои мечети в анлии покажите. нехрен в болгарию лезть. сами разберемся без вас.

  10. Ако всички бягаме, накрая в родината ни ще останат само римляни. Тогава ще се обърнем един ден и ще видим, че в не само "новия" ни дом, "там на запада" винаги сме били сами, но дори в родината си ще сме останали сами . Жалко.

  11. I came back to BG after living abroad for 5+ years. Life here is better in many ways, you just need to get some skills, although, I have family members who simply work in supermarkets and still live good lives if the good life is measured by the material possessions.
    Да живее България!

  12. The truth is that if you're smart and willing to learn and grow, you can have a great life in Bulgaria. Most of us are too lazy and believe that if you go to the UK you will get 5000 pounds per month for doing nothing.

  13. According to this video, people are leaving because they are greedy for higher wages! How can a country and society be prosperous if the only virtue is money?

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