Bulgaria: Is there a distant future for the world's fastest-shrinking country?

Bulgaria is facing a population collapse, being the fastest-shrinking nation worldwide.

From 9 million people in the 90s, Bulgarians are now less than 7 million. According to the UN, the country’s current population is expected to decrease to less than 3.9 million by the end of the century.

The challenges that Bulgarians face are many – high death rate, low birth rate, poverty, negative net migration and uneven population density.

We meet Bulgarians who vary in their age, beliefs and understanding of the devastating demographic crisis, in search of the answer whether the EU’s poorest country has a distant future.


This is a university documentary project made by Simona Tselova, a Journalism graduate at City, University of London.

I do not own any rights of the music used for this work.

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