Bulgaria Nature Drone Film (4K UHD) with Calming Piano Music

Bulgaria Nature Drone Film (4K UHD) with Calming Piano Music. Bulgaria , officially the Republic of Bulgaria, is one of the most beautiful & peaceful countries in the world. Here is some stunning aerial nature views from Bulgaria’s most beautiful & iconic landscape locations captured in 4K ultra high definition, it’s paired with a brand new calming piano music masterpiece. Relax and let your worries fly away!

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  1. Ancient and Great Nation! A nation with a glorious history filled with pain, sorrow and suffering and an unquestioning eternal struggle for survival!
    Descendants of great and glorious warriors.
    The only country in the world that has never changed its name, its flag and its national symbol. The only Nation in human history that has survived two slavery and remained upright and proud.
    The only country in the world that has not lost a battle flag in 1400 years of war.
    We Bulgarians have given the alphabet and writing to over 400 million people in 25 countries and 20 varieties.
    I am proud to be Bulgarian.

  2. Колкото и да го гледам не мога да се ненагледам! Евала хора вие сте униклани просто евала!!! Само напред и нагоре

  3. Дъхът ми спира ,като гледам това ! Толкова е красива ,че направо боли!
    Благодаря за труда ,който сте си направили!

  4. Today will be different from yesterday and tomorrow will be different from today, if today is a bad day, don't be sad because maybe tomorrow will be a lucky day for you, wish anyone to read the comments. These are always lucky days
    God bless you

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