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Top Rated Places to visit in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is an eastern European country with diverse geography, history, and culture. From its stunning capital Sofia to the breathtaking Rila Monastery in the southeast, Bulgaria is a safe bet for any traveler looking for unforgettable experiences.
Bulgaria is a must-visit country because it is beautiful, has good food, and is full of culture.
Bulgaria is a small nation situated in Southeast Europe, just across the Black Sea from Turkey and the Middle East. It has been known for its ancient history and many natural wonders, including the oldest monastery in Europe, six of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, and several excellent archaeological sites. With a rich culture and history, Bulgaria is a great place to visit, with a multitude of attractions, including Ancient cities like the capital, Sofia; the recently discovered, and now UNESCO-listed, a Thracian necropolis of Perperikon; the imposing Golden Gate of Adrianopolis, and the numerous castles and monasteries throughout the country.

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