1. Just watched this from Canada. I was expecting Bulgaria to win. Usually I don't side with anyone, but at the end was for Sweden.

  2. Kudos to both team for enduring the super annoying sound until the end. Those horns should be banned in all games. Congratulations to Sweden. What an exciting match.

  3. Sweden didn't deserve this win, all they have is Haak without her they are really really bad…Bulgaria on the other side is more complete as a team they have many attacking options…Volleyball is a team sport not a "single player" sport. Congratulations to Bulgarian team 💪❤️

  4. Sweden's volleyball ladies reached the final for the first time in 40 years … I watched the match on other countries' channels … Svt did not show the match …. traitor channel SVT

  5. Interesting match – however…. Both NTs had a very poor reception…. Both NTs almost did not use a first tempo attacks. Short shoots 31 what is a basis of a modern volleyball they ignored completly, even if the reception was OK… Both NTs therefore counted on a pipe and BCAs.. Moreover this horn shrieking sound, it is a typical in Bulgarian tournaments.. Therefore I avoid to watch the broadcasting from this country, this match was exception….

  6. Isabelle Haak gave me headache with her service errors. I mean, 7???? C'mon! But she still managed to pull it off with a total whopping 26 points in the match!!! Heja Sverige!!! 🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪

  7. Yes, Sweden has 1 top-tier and 2 very good attackers in I. Haak, A. Haak, and A. Lazic, but what really won them this match was their great serving. Bulgaria really struggled with reception, pair that with poor setting and even all of their great attackers couldn't save the day. That's what's really jumped out to me, take any of the 3 Dmitrovas, Vuchkova, or Vasileva, set them decently, and they'll make it work, but they had to keep tipping or hitting roll shots or even getting blocked by the shorter and less experienced Swedish players.

  8. This was Bulgaria's worst match in the last 2 years. I cannot remember worse game from them…bad reception, weak attack, bad defense and many more problems.
    Sweden probably played the match of their life, but congrats tho.
    As bulgarian i am dissapointed, this BG team could do much more and could really fight with the Dutch.
    But that's it…we lost it.
    Congrats to Sweden.

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