Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide | Check your local public television station for this Rick Steves’ Europe episode or watch it on Bulgaria, so mysterious to most Americans, has a vivid identity as a crossroads of the Balkans. We’ll trace the country’s complex history, from ancient Thracian tombs to medieval Orthodox Christian monasteries to Soviet monuments. And we’ll enjoy an intimate taste of contemporary culture: the yellow brick road of Sofia; the gregarious craftspeople of the medieval capital, Veliko Tarnovo; and the thriving pedestrian zones of cosmopolitan Plovdiv.

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  1. Visited Bulgaria in 2015, stunningly beautiful nature with it's roses and organic yogurt 🌟✨

  2. Hi Bulgerians, Greetings from Kerala, India. May Jesus bless you all. Love you so much

  3. The communists aren't gone, my friend. Have you ever heard of the Bulgarian Socialist Party.

  4. Been there the food and wines are AMAZING and the best value in Europe. Three men can eat and drink till they burst for under 100 EURO, and that's at a high end place. You can do the same for 50 EURO for a local restaurant and get the same quality and quantity. Clean country and people take pride in their history. Once they open up to you they are very hospitable people. Highways are very well maintained but the city back streets can be pretty bumpy! Cheapest mobile WiFi I came across in all of Europe. You can buy a SIM here that is good for all of Europe for half of what you pay in the UK or Western Europe. But to do anything requiring bureaucracy it is like old communist era processes ie. banking, notaries etc. Takes getting used to. Also some of the cheapest car insurance in EU.

  5. A note: Cyril and Methodius invented the Glagolitic script. The Cyrilic script was developed in the Preslav school and was named after Cyril 🙂

  6. Great introduction to Bulgaria if you are a retired, pensioner on a visit, but otherwise it totally misses the joy of being in Bulgaria and participating in the life.

  7. Studied abroad in Sofia for a month, I love Bulgaria so much. The people were very kind, the city was very clean, and it was beautiful.
    When I would tell people I was going, my fellow Americans, they would be so confused and say “Bulgaria? What’s there?” Because it’s not as common to study abroad there as an American as say France or Spain. They really don’t know what wonders they’re missing out on. So underrated, I can’t wait to go back.

  8. Thank you so much Rick Stevens and Team for this wonderful, inspiring, accurate and respectful episode and for you lovely way to show the most beautiful and cherished places in our beautiful country and to share some interesting facts and accurate informations about the country and the history!
    Also great thanks to our lovely neighbors and visitors for the lovely and beautiful comments! You warmed my heart❤️
    Much love from Bulgaria ❤️

  9. the one and only Rick Steves ! Great Film. Wished I d gone there in the past.. wonder if traveling will still be possible for a while

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