Bulgarian & Balkan Trap & Bass Boosted Mix

Bulgarian & Balkan Trap & Bass Boosted Mix Vol.2


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  1. 1. Biz – Petrunko

    2.BlVST – Bulgarian


    4.Slavic Trap Music | Agressive Hard Beat

    7.Mytha – Kafal Sviri

    6.Apashe – Dies Irae

    7.ZwiReK Beats – Deva

    8.Slavic Mafia – Bratva

    9.CONNOR RM – Manolka

    10.Beautiful Bulgaria Bagpipe | Prod. By M&M Beat x Tarky

    11. DJ 89 – НАРОД | NAROD

    12.IC3PEAK – Грустная СукаSad Bitch

  2. i listen to traditional bulgarian choires
    i love future bass and all the neigbouring genres

    i don't know why i never came up with looking for a fusion of the both

  3. Ok, guys, I do really need your help. I had a Serbian friend who showed me this Serbian fem trap artist, she was famous back in 2018 in Serbia and probably in the Balkans and her name starts with "S". I loved her so much, but don't remember the full name!

  4. Hi someone could I pass the tracklist of Bulgarian & Balkan Trap & Bass Boosted Mix Vol.2? It has been removed from the channel and there was a song that I liked a lot and I do not find it 🙁 please

  5. яке відношення остання композиція про грусну суку має відношення до Болгар і Балкан???
    Настільки крутезна підбірка , а в кінці, як серпом по яйцям

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