1. wonder if james horner drew inspiration from this when he worked on the soundtrack for james cameron's avatar

  2. Everyone who wants to hear really unique polyphonic singing from Bulgaria, write in YouTube "Nedelino dvuglas" and "Satovcha visoko", and some "Bistrishki babi". You can thank me after, but be prepared to be shaken from the Western style.

  3. I can't help but think of the intro sequence of Ghost in the Shell when I hear this, and that's definitely a good thing

  4. U can take that song in the beginning from Ghost in the Shell, it fits perfectly. Great Music ! MORE ! MOOOORE !

  5. Is it normal that Bulgarian wemen are so incredible beutiful? I know they are incredible singers:)

  6. Genuinely moved me to my core.
    Hauntingly beautiful.

    Humanity managed to create this, so at least we're not completely garbage.

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