Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union ©eu2018bg

See the official video of Bulgaria that will be presented during the presidency of the European Council.

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  1. Bulgaria is oldest country in Europe. Bulgaria is first national state in Europe which adopt Christianity and Bulgarian church became first national independent church in Europe in year 927.
    Bulgarians created Bulgarian Civilization with Bulgarian language, Bulgarian alphabet Cyrillic and Orthodox Christianity.
    Bulgarians spread Christianity and the Bible, translated into Bulgarian language and written in Cyrillic, among the so-called "Slavs" and incorporated most of the "Slavs" into Bulgarian civilization, including the Russians.
    All so-called "Slavic" languages are created on the basis of Bulgarian language. Russian language and so-called "Slavic" languages on the Balkans are dialects of Bulgarian language.
    Today about 300 million people in Eurasia including Russia use Bulgarian writing system Cyrillic as the official alphabet.

  2. Don't get fooled, the Bulgarian nature might be beautiful, but most Bulgarians have very poor manners and are very underdeveloped in all positive aspects.

  3. 3:24 she can relate.. когато говори за България, която е в женски род само при нас, а за да е правилно трябва да е it – It can relate. Клипа е мега много добър, но произношението на дублиращия е балканско и си личи, че е език, който не ползва във всекидневието. Като цяло много добре свършена работа, но оратора търпи критика.

  4. Here a No can mean Yes ? So if Bulgaria says No you shouldn't sh1t in the street, maybe She wants you to shit in the street… you never know with Bulgaria

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