Bulgaria's Election Results Explained: Could Corruption Doom the PM & Changed the EU – TLDR News

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Last weekend Bulgarians took to the polls to vote for their new leader. Following corruption claims and protests the incumbent Prime Minister wasn’t in the strongest of positions, but that doesn’t mean he’s going out without a fight. In this video we explain Bulgaria’s political situation, the results of the election & what they mean for the country and the EU.

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  1. 4 months later, we are headed for a third parliamentary election in one year. It would be hilarious if it wasn't downright terrifying.
    Oh, and our position in North Macedonia has nothing to do with VMRO. It's a national position based on historical facts. And it will not change.

  2. Most of the parties don't want to work together specifically all big Parties.
    Since other than VMRO the patriots party no other Party supports GERB the old government.

    DPS is a party mostly presenting the Muslim religious people, and never have had strong desire to form a government.

    BSP, who used to be the main opposition to previous government is currently facing infighting.

    And "There is such people" a party led by a show host wanted to be the main force in the Government.

    And since then only way this parliament can form a government is a massive coalition, it was very unlikely for Bulgaria to get a Government soon.

    Currently the parties that had the most chances to form a government have given up, possible leaving Bulgaria in a constitutional crisis.

    I do hope you mill make a video on the matter when it evolves.

  3. Although Democratic Bulgaria is considered center right party in BG, the right in Bulgaria is the left un USA politics, so in USA political compas they would be on the left

  4. Borisov is like a octopus, with tentacles everywhere .
    His party pays hundreds of levs ( Bulgarian currency ) to people to vote for him , I cannot believe he gets away with that , it’s madness . Someone said that above , it will take long time to get rid of the corruption …

  5. Great video, very impressive and accurate analysis, especially coming from a foreigner. Only a slight remark – there is more about VMRO (ВМРО). It is not anti-macedonian per se, on the contrary. In fact it name literally translates to "Internal Macedonian Revolunationary Organization" and it's roots are in the Bulgarian Revival period (second half of 19th century) when we struggled to overcome the Ottoman empire. Unfortunately, only two of the three medieval Bulgarian territories were liberated from the Ottomans, leaving the so called "Macedonia" (nowadays North Macedonia) out of Bulgaria. VMRO continued the fight for liberating Bulgarian Macedonia and many of the celebrated national heroes in both modern countries – Bulgaria and North Macedonia are associated with VMRO. What is sad is that on both sides of the border (btw it's sad there is a border at all…) there are political organizations branding themselves as "VMRO" which, instead of working FOR the unity and independance of both Bulgaria and North Macedonia (the original goal of VMRO) are only after political interests. Thus, Bulgarian VMRO is anti-macedonian and Macedonian VMRO is anti-bulgarian. Ridiculous.

  6. There is only one remedy for Bulgarian corrupted officials & their friends ==> AK-47 ,a well known worldwide medicine !!

  7. seems that our government managed to keep this video away from us, i see it as suggestion only now since the old governance is down.

  8. GERB isn’t a political party, it’s a criminal organization. The only people who vote for them are those who have been paid/threatened into it or uneducated hicks who fall for all their lies.

  9. I do find everything a bit difficult to understand or EU countries or allowing Brits to purchase properties or invest in businesses even though the UK is no longer in the EU but now Bulgaria is refusing to let anybody to purchase properties or invest in properties if land is attached to it there are only allowing bulgarians to invest in their own country which will not be a wise decision considering how many people are unemployed and live in poverty I find all of this very disappointing as in the UK we give opportunities to everyone to improve their life or their lifestyle and also give hope for the Futures UK has had to deal with coming out of Europe and covid-19 and lots of unemployment but we are still standing tall I'm looking at rebuilding the future for everyone to share

  10. the Bulgarian government are well-known for their corruption whether boys body you regarding important Matters by ignore it such as pollution corruption in the building trade and banking and now refusing to let the B come into their country I look upon UK now as a red zone but the ball goes to come to the UK without being restricted in where they go what they do and also for how long and also their holiday resort are suffering I'm lose lots of money in a sense of millions which will create unemployment are large-scale and also I'm not allowing Brits to invest money into their country considering how long we were in the EU and we did support many countries and help them through their disasters and bad management the Brits tried to welcome everybody with open arms try not to put too many restrictions on them we have always been a fair country

  11. We are doing Macedonia a favour by the veto from joining the EU, the problem is both us and them don't know it yet 😀
    EU is cancer…. Just like our politics…

  12. Bulgaria just had another parlamentary election this Sunday! Please do a video covering that. If you need support for that, please reach out, I'll be happy to help you.

  13. As a Bulgarian living in the United States, i support the removal of Borisov, he is a disgrace to the Bulgarian government who raided his own president in an attempt to silence him following criticism from him. I hope the anti Borisov parties will triumph against this corrupt oligrach.

  14. SURPRISING that you DIND’T MENTION that Bulgaria is the country with the steepest decline of population IN THE WORLD. Aging population, low birth rate (that’s common to Europe obviously) and massive youth emigration to other EU countries (due obviously to the economic situation) put the country on a lose-or-lose. Obviously that corruption has a lot to do with it: whose GENIUS idea was to accept such country in the EU to begin with? It may have eased population mobility TOWARDS other countries (therefore solving individual problems, that of the younger people) but at the cost of condemning the country to a slow death.

    Those staying in the country at the top level of the hierarchical class, get richer as what is left is up for grabs for pennies and people die and properties as lost and population decreases and the cycle goes on.

    As the country still has equal votes in the EU, they simply stays puts and says: “Want our VOTE, then bribe us”. LOL.

  15. Before you dive into the election, I think you should have a map of exactly where Bulgaria is because I'm pretty confident that not everybody knows.

  16. I think "Bulgarian election: exit polls results" would have been a better name for the video. Since you prety much got almost all the percentages and seats wrong.

  17. Here is a challenge (of a sort) for you. I would be curious to see a video on the BG – NMK political tension. As a Bulgarian, I have a position but I would expect you to be much more unbiased.

  18. Bulgaria most corrupt??? Hahaha, Western europe , like france n germany, better recheck this. They could be closer to burlaria than they thought lololol

  19. If economic corruption is the problem with Bulgaria 🇧🇬 it should feel at home in the corrupt EU. Brussels, the epicentre of control and corruption, always looking out for the leftist globalist elites.

  20. This video is beyond retarded. You simply repeat what the communist party is spinning around for the last year. As I type this comment in Bulgaria is an ongoing coup by the communist president replacing everyone. Simply said Goodbye Bulgaria from EU and NATO,
    Привет Евразиая.

  21. Including these countries in the EU poland, rumania, hungary etc was a HUGE mistake. And it will end the end result in more countries than the UK breaking away. I live in Scandinavia we cannot go anywhere without faling over a romanian person who either cheat, steals or beg. ….. in poland they are in direct conflict with the core values of EU towards equality, see how they see lgbtq people. ….. the only thing the eastern part of Europe is good for is taking money away from the countries who early on changed the way they run their countries.

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