Bulgaria’s GERB party narrowly ahead in national vote: Exit polls

Bulgarians have voted in their second parliamentary election in just three months.
No clear winner has yet emerged. Exit polls showed the centre-right party of former Prime Minister Boyko Borissov narrowly ahead.
But the vote comes amid growing anger at widespread corruption in Bulgaria.
Even if Borissov wins the most votes, he may be unable to form a coalition to govern, triggering still another snap election later this year.

Al Jazeera’s Sonia Gallego reports.

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  1. Bulgaria is a very special and unique country. Prime prosecutor is elected with 7 years mandate and he is basically untouchable. Unfortunately Ivan Geshev was elected without having to compete with other contestants which was suspicious even for people, believing corruption is under control. In fact what is actually under control is Ivan Geshev himself and this is the reason for current elections result. Just do your homework next time please!

  2. The same as you our feedback comes from the unfair source , but to be there and live there is whole other story. Is like Mr.Borisov is the main and the others are his shadows crowding people and live-streaming their visions without any experience .

  3. Yeshua/Died for you and rose from the dead so you can be with him in Heaven. Believe in him and let him cleanse your heart from sin. Follow Yeshua/Jesus, he loves you…💖😇🇺🇸

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