Bulgaria’s Young Returnees

Many Balkan countries have been struggling with brain drain for years, but Bulgaria has become an exception with its people returning home in record numbers. Aksel Zaimovic is in Sofia for TRT World’s Across The Balkans to find out what’s driving Bulgarians to come back.

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  1. A 25% decline in population by 2050 is not good, we need to increase immigration and increase child support payments.

  2. I did not leave BG because of economical nor political reasons, I loved it. Every young person has to spend some time as an immigrant.
    The lessons are priceless. One does not fully value home until one leaves for a while.
    Many nations are used to live under some sort of rules and guidances and cannot function properly outside this frame. This was the point where I found out that we Bulgarians have very high spiritual freedom and thinking which is almost nowhere to be found in today's world. And that is the reason why you should join our nation!

  3. Only Bulgarians interviewed.Kaladjha and Tsigani go to work abroad but they are not interviewed although they work very hard to send money home to their families.

  4. People with first-hand experience have come to realize that the "Hollywood Dream" is quite different from the reality.

  5. It has some interesting points, will be good to see the rest of it. However, what Mr Boyadzhiev said its NOT necessarily the case for everyone; I have chosen to return home after almost 12yrs abroad and having obtained 3yrs visa in Wellington, NZ. He could have pointed out for example the family reasons; so many people around the world DID NOT loose, BUT DID CHOOSE to quit their jobs, and to return to be around their loved ones.

  6. Living in Bulgaria is a brutal daily uphill battle if you like order or are trying to create some order and prosperity in your life. Living abroad is no walk in the park either, but you don't have to face half of the BS that you do back home.. I've practiced my profession (building eng and architecture) in both western Europe and back home in Bulgaria and would routinely have to argue with "experts" in Bulgaria just because "this is how we have always done things here". Quality or doing anything "the right way" is nobody's concern. Everyone is trying to make a quick buck and screw someone else over in the process. As for corruption and nepotism .. It's omnipresent. Not that it doesn't exist in western Europe- oh, it's there! But it's not starting at the bottom level and it's not as obvious.
    Bulgaria has a lot of beautiful potential, but young people can't live on potential and hope for a better future alone, they need to be able to create real change for the better and have at least the feeling of agency in their lives. This is however a different can of worms in itself…
    Sofia is not Bulgaria. What you see in this video is the promised land of the capital city. And people from the capital don't want to see the gruesome reality: everything between Sofia and the coast is turning into a desert. And a couple of young people coming back to live in the city won't change much.
    And since I've already made this post this long I'll let you know what the real problem is here(in my humble opinion and experience). One word. "Communism". The constant glorification of communism in the old generations is the biggest unspoken problem here. I've heard it all: Back in the day the communists sprayed the mosquitoes in summer/ would clean the beach/ would sweep the streets up to your doorstep early in the morning/ nobody would be without a home/everyone would get payed(the same) /would have food on the table.. Not saying it's a bad thing, but people have been stripped of their desire to actively change and contribute to their environment! Someone always did it for them. All they had to do is file a report to the manicipalty or police.. And this stuff is the pure poison. The only "solution" I see here is for these generations to perish and MAYBE, just maybe, the generations after that would be able to undo some of the damage and create a more prosperous society than the one we currently have. If that is the hill you want to die on, that's your own personal choice. I don't see any change happening in my lifetime.

  7. There should be a national revitalization program in which there are government owned factories that are build and the homeless and the very poor can work there

  8. If we kick the overweight oligarchs, there is hope. They are the cancer of the society.
    Let's vote next July!

  9. Because people found out that the west isnt any better and Bulgaria is becoming richer we were way worse 10years ago in 1997 our gdp per capita was 1500dollars now its 10k and our average salary is now 1500lev which is very high compared to 800lev 6years ago.

  10. I have visited Bulgaria and can see even as a holidaymaker this is a place that can grow a lot. Your young people could work to improve education and roll back corruption and organised crime. That would pay dividends. These young people clearly have business and language skills and others such as science and engineering which should kick start large economic growth

  11. The West isn't what people think it is, Bulgaria has it all, especially if you're a young professional with a specialization – high buying capabaility, low taxes, incredible nature (a severe scarcity in most Western countries), many historical achievements and traditions, only real problem is the lack of historical lustration of the former communists, now oligarhs and thus corruption especially when the US and EU support the mafia, thus the corruption.

  12. Glad they can return and enjoy it. As an American it's a no thanks for me. Yes I've been there briefly but not my cup of tea.

  13. How important is the symbolism in any country’s welcoming tourists , foreigners or returnees ? Yes it is important the first opinion we all get from visiting places around the globe ,something that represents the pride ,dignity , history , something to remember and bring back home and talk about it or show it to others .

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