Burgas, Bulgaria – July 2022 / Бургас – Юли 2022 / Бургас, Болгария / Burgas, Bulgarien

Burgas is the second largest city on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast and the fourth-largest in Bulgaria after Sofia, Plovdiv, and Varna. The city is surrounded by the Burgas Lakes and located at the westernmost point of the Black Sea, at the large Burgas Bay. The Port of Burgas is the largest port in Bulgaria, and Burgas Airport is the second most important in the country.


  1. Usually the videos about Burgas are good but that one in particularly looks the best I have seen till now.Probably because it is focused on older,renovated buildings with European look.The sea looks cleaner than before,the fountains and water mist in the city center looks great.The video is relaxed.Hope the policy of investing money in my homecity to continue.Hope the future majors of Burgas to be better and better and to atract investments in the city not just to steal money as usualy majors and politics do in Bulgaria.Congratulations about the video!

  2. От Пловдив съм , но Бургас ми е един от любимите градове.Хората са прекрасни, море, слънчице какво повече може да се иска….;)

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