cum e la 🌞 Sunny Beach Bulgaria

Am plecat la pas prin Sunny Beach Bulgaria in 2021 in plin sezon estival. In acest clip am plecam mai dupa pranz. Episodul cu Sunny Beach seara in 2021 il gasiti aici:

Ne-am plimbat un pic Sunny Beach, am vrut sa margem la mall dar acolo am gasit numai magazine goale si am hotarat sa mergem pe plaja sa va aratam si voua cum e la Sunny Beach Bulgaria in 2021.

Speram sa va placa!

Daca vreti sa vedeti cum sa ajungeti in Bulgaria si ce documente va trebuie la granita avem un episod scurt aici:

Noi ne-am cazat la hotel Grand Victoria si puteti vedea detalii despre concediul nostru si cat ne-a costat cazarea la allinclusive in acest episod:

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  1. Salutare dragilorrr! Super atmosfera,cald,cald soare mult,deja sunteti bronzatiiii!
    Super plajaaaaa❤️ Imi place muzica de fundal imi da senzatia ca ma uit la un film!!! Film intr-adevar minunat si interesant!!!
    Cam cate grade erau?
    Frumos și distracție maxima in continuare!!!

  2. Bună îmi poți spune te rog ce părere ai de Hotelul Diana ⭐⭐o sa mergem și noi luna viitoare

  3. Foarte dragut,relaxant si placut acest Vlog!Felicitari si big like!Mult succes in.continuare!

  4. I'm glad to see somebody got the most out of Sunny Beach in Bulgaria Burgas I managed to see the new bars opening and restaurants cancer walk around Sonny Beach on a good Summers day unfortunately it's not been easy to travel to Bulgaria from the UK due to the Bulgarian government doing up stuff give towards the UK and putting off constantly on the red list regarding covid-19 effectively is not true we do not suffer as much as the whole of Europe ass I do love by The Summer that we will be able to visit sunny beaches now the UK is in free travel anywhere in the world and there are no problems all bulgarians neighbours are inviting us from UK to travel there buy depend on the holidaymakers for financial game

  5. this is the first season I have not been to sunny beaches Bulgaria I know every bar club restaurant snack bars I know every shop supermarket computer shops DIY and of course one or two people who actually live in Sunny Beach and work I'm very disappointed this summer I could not join the phone even though I have been vaccinated with covid-19 vaccination due to the political issues with the government who did not allow Brits into sunny beaches like the rest of the Europeans is there should be an outbreak of caravan 19 no I can say that the Brits from the UK bought the infection into the country turn back 19 is everywhere not specifically in the UK have a lot of Bulgarian cash in my pocket and never spent one penny in Sunny Beach never worn my shorts or I never went for a swim in the black sea enjoy the phone with everybody else maybe next year I'll think about it !!!!!!!!!!

  6. Eu am fost saptamana trecuta in Sunny Beach, nu mi-a placut, e mai ok ca la noi dar nu se compara cu Grecia nici pe departe !

  7. Ce mult mi-a placut sa ma plimb cu voi prin Sunny Beach! 😍 Ai o familie tare frumoasa💖 O vacanta perfecta sa aveti!✨

  8. Auzi "tanti de la butelii" 😅😅😅😅. Ia frate Guci la baiat si lasa giozdanele de scoala. Sunt in vacanta. Apropo, nu se mai face scoala.😋

  9. "Ghiozdane de scoala"…cuvinte interzise in vacanta … :))))
    Interesant acel dulce presupun cu fum….
    Chiar imi place stațiunea…cred ca se merita o vacanta acolo !!!!!
    Pupici 🥰

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