Episode 30 – Being Gay in Bulgaria (Sofia, Bulgaria)

Being gay in Bulgaria is still a controversial subject, especially among households. Konstantin works for Single Step, a non-profit LGBT organization, in hopes that the Bulgarian society be more accepting, one step at a time.


  1. LGBT acceptance in Bulgaria is low. Not because of religion. It is due to poorly educated population. The same as most of Eastern Europe, Africa and the middle East. Bulgarian society is not as well educated as Western Europe. When and if education improves, LGBT acceptance will improve as well.

  2. Welp-
    I can say that lost of people are homophobic in Bulgaria tho-
    For example, my class accused another kid from my class that he might be trans or another 2 girls that they might be lesbian-
    They don't even have proof-
    That's what I hate about my own country-

  3. I’m Bulgarian. I take every opportunity to remind the world and my fellow compatriots that Bulgaria is an unforgiventy flawed country. Don’t go there, don’t stay there.
    Anyone different or weaker, including animals, gets systematically smashed. And even those not invilved tolerate the hate and abuse.
    It is really easy to stand up in Bulgaria and give a speach against LGBTQ people, gypsies, suggest beating up a stray dog to death, drop that you parttake in human traffiking, etc. And most times there would not be a reaction, just tolerance.
    I have no excuses left for this miseable collective of people which chooses day after day to avoid responsability over their own lives and community. I’m changing my nationality as soon as I can and, if it wasn’t for my loved ones, would not even look back. It might just as well sink into the ground, I don’t care anymore.

  4. Man and women can piss me off EQUALLY, what gender is that?! Haha
    kidding, i am mom of 13 years old girl and i have husband, but from time to time…. im a little gayish haha I really dont care what people think about that, i dont hide it, i dont show it either, i just do whatever i like(except hurting people) ……. I can always say when someone is gay just when i see her/his face and reactions so you cant hide it from me haha
    I also dont care if my girl become lesbian or whatever(exept if it is something that can harm her of other people) one day and im sure you cant be turned to gay even if you live with same sex parrents, it just doesnt work that way. 🙂 I know it for sure!Hopefully she will like boys but hey, i want her to be happy so i dont mind, drugs bother me more to be honest. Im Bulgarian by the way and live in Bulgaria.

  5. Let me tell that people here aren't even so religious! They simply can't stay on their butts without finding something to hate over! They don't keep any values from the past but then they use this to explain their hate. How could the love indangered whatever?! Or homophobs are fools! They even don't bother to check for what right gay people want and why and how they are opressed! Then what? Tommorow they may decide blond hair and blue eyes is dangerous because it's rare? Seeing blond hair will make all young people became blond?! So much hateress in the world for what? Leave people to love each other! Fight the low in Bulgaria to give couples chance for having children legally by surrogate! Thenworld have so many problems! The love between two adults it's not among them for God's sake!

  6. We live in small village in Bulgaria me Partner is Bulgarian i.m Dutch. We Maried in The Netherlands. Whole village knows. Most people have Turkish ansesters in our village We not have any problems..His parents live next to use.

  7. Hi Bulgaria from France ! 🇧🇬🏳️‍🌈🇫🇷 Cette chaîne est vraiment hyper instructive. 👍🏼 Je regarde les vidéos de tous les pays. Les intervenants parlent super bien anglais, particulièrement lui, on comprend très facilement. Bravo Paint, quel beau projet ! Et bravo à tous ces gens qui font avancer les choses, ce sont des héros de tous les jours. La route est longue mais il y a de quoi espérer qu’un jour toutes les personnes LGBT+ européennes auront des droits et qu’ils seront respectés. 🏳️‍🌈

  8. All the things he said about the LGBT community are true. Personally as a Bulgarian gay guy, i think that gay people are really misrepresented and I think the government has to do something about it. Being gay isnt easy in here, indeed… However, i hope that many years the other young generation will change its opinion about gay people…

  9. These people do such important work – thank you for your fight! I have personally seen what kind of trauma growing up gay in Bulgaria can cause and I wish that no one would have to go through this. My partner and I are learning step by step to cope with that stress, even now that he’s not in Bulgaria.

  10. is it just me or is he saying that people can accept LGBTs because we're just plain normal (on looks, how boring we're, etc.)? I don't think that's the best way to spread tolerance…

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