1. at the beginning suena como un grito de guerra y es lo que realmente engancha yo personalmente no entiendo nada pero igual suena bien jejeje

  2. At first i hated it but… the second time i heard it, i loved it!! that's a song not like that pile of rubbish they call "songs" 😀 greetings from Colombia. Sorry because of the bad English 😛

  3. from Greece my very proud …12 points to bulgary !!! totally one of the best songs of that year… that should won…..but….whatever 🙁

  4. yes this song is about water
    in Bulgaria [Елица Тодорова И Стоян Янкулов – Вода] this is the name of the song

  5. well done Bulgaria for this masterpiece of song, makes me feel clean, kisses from uk 😉 and thanks for the 7 points

  6. Raw, catchy and powerul! Elitsa's folkish vocals are fabulous, too. One of my favourites from this year, and I was very much happy with its 5th place.

  7. lorsya Dude chill and grow up.. you are not talking for 1 person but for a whole country!! wake up your fucken head and be carefull of what youre saying!!

  8. I just don't understand why this song was so popular, it's absolutely terrible. No chorus, no harmony, barely a tune… This was one of my least favourites of 2007. Sorry.

  9. They roooooooooock! And for your information MItre-le, in Bulgarian is a name, but in local pronounciation. Does anybody know which place they came at? And also who won the competition?

  10. THE most amazing female vocalist in the World!
    Supreme talent..vocals,percussion,writer,etc.

  11. this song is copy of Macedonian folk song More Sokol Pie, but its great version 🙂 congrats BG from your neighbours xx

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