First Impressions of SOFIA, Bulgaria! Should You Visit in 2021?!

First Impressions of SOFIA, Bulgaria! Should You Visit in 2021?!

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  1. hello 🙂 if you are still in Bulgaria, I highly recommend seeing the cave " Bojiite ochi" or God's eyes, it's near my home town and it's breathtaking. Go there late afternoon or early morning, because it could be crowded during the day, weekends.

  2. There are plenty of underpasses in Sofia where you are supposed to cross the street! It is too bad you did not use the one next to the Presidential building, as it contains some Roman ruins. Also next to the Presidency is the Archeological Museum, one of my fav buildings in Sofia..It is not huge, so it is manageable even for people not very interested in history…but you will grasp better the history of Bulgaria and the Balkans, if you visit.

  3. Al. Nevsky was built next to St. Sofia Cathedral which dates from the same period as St.Sophia in Istanbul, and gave the name Sofia to the city in the Middle Ages. It had other names before that. So the location is not accidental. It shows continuity with the much older Cathedral, which is still standing, withstanding many troubled times, inckudinf being used as a mosque.

  4. Al. Nevsky Cathedral was the largest Orthodox Cathedral in the world until Serbia built St.Sava specifically to be bigger than the Sofia Cathedral. Otherwise historically the biggest Orthodox Cathderal is St. Sophia in Istanbul, which is now a mosque.

  5. Dear foreigners, welcome to Bulgaria, the most beautiful country in Europe … Go around it all, go to all the amazing places in Bulgaria, and you will understand that there is no more beautiful and amazing nature than ours anywhere in Europe … The only country in the world with four seasons with 3 months for each season, with so many natural resources, with so many mountains and forests and lakes, with so rich history, many thousands of years of history, we have everything we need, we Bulgarians live in PARADISE on EARTH!

  6. Everything is very wonderful, but the only thing that irritates Bulgarians is how foreigners pronounce the name of the capital of Bulgaria. It is correct when the emphasis is on the letter O, SOfia, unlike the female name SophIa, where the emphasis is on the letter I. 😉

  7. Sofia was founded 8000 years ago and is the oldest capital in Europe. Rome was created in 753 BC and Sophia was created 6,000 BC or 8,000 years ago.
    Sofia is the seventh capital of Bulgaria. The first capital of Bulgaria was the capital of Old Great Bulgaria – Phanagoria in modern Russia, the second capital was Pliska, the third capital was Veliko Preslav or Veliki Preslav, the fourth capital was Skopje, the capital of modern Macedonia, the fifth capital was Ohrid in In modern Macedonia, the sixth capital was Veliko Tarnovo or Velikoye Tarnovo, and the seventh capital of Bulgaria is Sofia.
    History of the city of Sofia

  8. Ahhhh, im so happy you two are visiting Bulgaria asw! I've been watching your channel for a long time now, and i genuinely hope you enjoy the country im from! ♥

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