Hello Bulgaria. That's my first day and first time here

I can finally go to another country, this time my trip will be to Bulgaria

My link:


  1. Anton next time you decide to come to Sofia, write on your channel. I am sure we, our BG fans can help you get a nice, cheap place to stay, or maybe even for free, so you will avoid scammers such as this lady and you can enjoy your stay here.

  2. You could have stayed in my place for free and make a vlogging party every say for some amazing content

  3. Wow kote! You have been in my town. I could have definitely shown you some amazing locations for urbex and make a wow vlog together

  4. Amazing, can’t wait to see more of your journey 😻 so glad you found somewhere to stay! What a start to the day lol. Get well soon!

  5. Awesome another adventure! Go everywhere you want, see everything you want to see…and then, go out and see some more! Have fun bratan!

  6. what i always like very much are these train and plane journeys in these eastern european countries.

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