HoI4 Guide: Bulgaria – Prussia of the Balkans – Balkan Problem Solved Achievement

A guide for HoI4 Battle for the Bosporus as Bulgaria, now with up to 69% more RNG!

Following the steps laid out in this guide will help you to get the achievement “Balkan Problem Solved” and “”Prussia of the Balkans.

Decisions and Focus order:

And a Big Thank you to our community member Zatwinki (Zatwinki#2839) over on our Discord server for providing these absolutely lovely Countryballs!

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  1. Doing my Commie Bulgaria proud Bitt3r
    1: Natural Orator is a great boon, it can make or break a run so get it if you can, even more important than a seducer
    2: Build Civs until you get enough to do the industry Focus
    3: Improving the Roads will give you the 8 civs you need for Psychological Warfare
    4: You MUST do the integration before August 1940 because Italy will declare on Greece, a NAP or Attache will most likely not save you
    5: Don't build your spy network with just the 1 spy available, I've lost my commando to this
    6: Turkey has a VERY small chance of flipping, I got them once in my 40+ test games
    7: If you need Manpower to destabilise then delete your airforce
    8: The order of the first focuses are to maximise the PP early because you need a lot for the faction management decisions
    9: Prioritise Industry, doctrine and research. You won't need guns for a while or even have the industry for it
    10: Be careful about Bessarabia, if you get it then the Soviets might declare on you, this is good because you can kill them relatively easy with the balkan armies
    11: Getting rid of the IMRO won't really be feasible early game because it will use the guns you need to destabilise
    12: Avoid the SCW, it will eat the guns you need
    13: If you want to gamble then do the bury grudges focus when Romania and greece go 60% communist
    14: I prefer to have 2 spies in Romania and 2 in Greece
    15: Train the Youth Wings is to get the Manpower to do the destabilisation decisions
    16: After you expand the Sofia University you want to rush the Industry beacuse you will have higher Consumer goods until the final one is done

  2. Otherwise nice but with the dates all lined up Hungary ended up joining the Axis and Germany joined the war. Fuck.

  3. Everything was going fine, until I declared on Hungary… They joined the Axis and got Germany involved before I capitulated them. Long story short, R.I.P. that run

  4. welp, declared on hungary, they joined the axis, not exactly sure what i did wrong since everything was the same as in the vid, probably not gonna retry this one because setting up bulgaria is too tedious

    Hungary will join the Axis, don't bother with it before the war with the entire Axis
    This means Hungary WILL get a piece of Romania
    the soviets will also take bessarabia

    tips : I got Turkey without problem so it balance things I guess
    take Italy ASAP, easy and necessary (collab gov = good)
    then… good luck with the axis the LARGE frontline you will get is really annoying so wait for barbarossa before attacking the Axis
    use massive charges with crypto, the large front + URSS is too much for the Axis and at one point you will break their lines complitly with another charge (join the allies if possible) I was first in war participation so no problem for the territory to take
    make or let the allies make puppet along the soviet border, gather 1 army group in the caucasusand one in Romania battle plan both (I got 4 24 army in n Romania, 9/1 with companies and 3 in Turkey went smooth and clean)
    call in the allies
    sucess I got 50% war participation, again no problem on that
    (join the chinese united front for the faction leader thing, the allies are not willing to let you gain the leadership and will kick you from the faction for no reason anyway)
    everything was done by mid 1943 with around 2M casualties I think for the war with the axis + the comintern


    If Turkey decides not to be red then you better have a good plan

  6. So I just bought this game maybe 2 months ago. I saw this playthrough and decided to try it. I was surprised that I was able to flip turkey since bittersteel says it was almost impossible to flip it. Maybe i'm lucky. And also when I completed the united balkan front focus while italy was justifying on yugoslavia, the justification suddenly disappeared. I haven't progress yet after unifying the balkans since I need time to organize the army and the industry.

    P.s.: I wasn't able to get hungary and they got northern transylvania while russia was able to claim besserebia while I was almost finish with the unifying the balkans focus 🙁

  7. I've tried this 3 times and Greece was over 60% communist for a year and half…no flip. Romania flipped and joined comintern immediately. Turkey oddly enough flipped a week into being 60%.

    I very much dislike Bulgaria achievements. I only have 12 left in the game and I dare say Manchukuo and China's are more fun and interesting.

  8. I don't know if it's a new feature or not, but I'm finding that Hungary often joins the axis when declared on, even in early 1939 when world tension is still fairly low. I guess its not free real estate any more

  9. Can someone explain why Germany always declares war on me after I start the war against Hungary?

  10. I have a question, why does Italy always join axis with Hungary after I declare war on them????

  11. FUCK ME…I guess Hungary is more agressiv then before sinc enow they ahve destroyed it for me two times, with two different achivments by draging in the axis…..

  12. You can coup turkey if they get any guarantee from other powers and you can eat turkey free

  13. I screwed my game by declaring on Hungary and them joining the Axis. Guess something changed with that in the past 1,5 years.

  14. How do you invade Hungary without them joining Axis? I attacked the day you did and they joined the Axis…

  15. I was attacked by the axis just after romania seeded Bessarabia in this…what did I do wrong? I had to delay the unification focus due to greece taking forever to become communist.

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