How accurate is an AK47 – Kalashnikov? | Russia v. China v. Bulgaria v. Romania v. Israel v. Czech

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This is the Super Bowl of accuracy tests for the AK47 – AKM – AK74 – Kalashnikov type rifles (and a visiting Vz58). We put 10 rifles (9x Kalashnikov, 1x Vz58) against each other to see how the do. Which one will come up top? How does “Combat Accuracy” play into this topic?

Rifles examined:
1, Arsenal AD SLR107 (Bulgaria) – 7.62×39
2, Norinco Pre-ban Type 56 (China) – 7.62×39
3, IWI Galil 32/Ace (Israel) – 7.62×39
4, Cugir WASR 10 (Romania) – 7.62×39
5, Arsenal AD AKs74u SLR104UR (Bulgaria) – 5.45×39
6, Izhmash AK102 / Niner (Russia) – 5.56×45
7, Vz58 (Czech Republic/ Czechoslovakia) – 7.62×39
8, Arsenal AD AKs74 / SLR104FR (Bulgaria) – 5.45×39
9, Izhmash AK103 (Russia) – 7.62×39
10, Izhmash AK74 (M) (Russia) – 5.45×39

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  1. All rifles shown are either purchased by us or on loan. The RS mounts were functional blems that we used. It was our own ammunition that we purchased at full price. I forgot to put that in the video.

    The AK is one of the most prolific designs in the world and it would be difficult to gather ALL VARIANTS at once, but these were fairly representative. Will be using this as a baseline to compare future AK videos to, however. Here are some variants that we foresee people asking about:

    YugoAK… we have one being built right now, but it's not factory anyways.
    Finnish RK95… we may have access to a clone?
    Valmet RK62… Ah, I see you think I use $100 bills to wipe, when we get one to look at we'll reference this video as well.
    Hungarian FEG Kalash … I personally feel like I missed the boat on that one, but to be honest I was focused on buying other models instead. Perhaps one day, I do think the AMD63's are very interesting. 

    Check out Klay's Galil Ace:

    I realize that some viewers think that the Saiga line rifles somehow have a worse barrel than military rifles because a separate civilian production line exists like what FN does with their FN-15. That's untrue. My friends from Izhmash they implicitly state that it's form the same barrel source. One stipulation: yes, the chamber for the civilian saigas are different with the crimped neck for Russian law enforcement to recognize the casing that it was fired from a civilian weapon. (which none of these have the civilian barrel identifier crimp, so these are military line rifle barrels). Otherwise it would make no sense for a facility like KC/Izhmash to purchase blanks when their machines are setup to forge them for cheaper. They have a really high end former state-owned arsenal to manufacture ultra high quantities of good barrels for cheap. They are all AK100 series with the signature lightening cuts, CH profile, non-ribbed piston, bump rivet and bolt design. Again, my information is from Izhevsk/ Izhmash directly.

  2. My old buddy WASR did pretty well! Large flier, admittedly, but satisfactory without a doubt! I wish I had experience with others to draw upon, but 2k rounds on a 'lesser' Romanian AKM is all I can claim. Mostly on the square range or up in the mountains, still easily 'minute-of-pig' or 'minute-of-deer'.
    I might be more conservative with the ranges I'm willing to take the shot, but that's a function of the diminished ballistic performance of 7.62x39mm versus its 'full-power' contemporaries, not the gun's mechanical or practical accuracy.
    I think the only bad parts for this gun have been Century's shoddy/non-existent quality control (the infamous canted front sight block), my own inability to count (PMags will readily accept 31 rounds, my rifle isn't a fan), and the fact that WASR-10 represents the quintessential over-gassed AKM (KNS gas piston, $100 to change your life) and will spit cases at your neighbors on the range… 30 feet away.

  3. As a German, I real admire your precise testing!
    Sure, there is a point or two that can be made, but far superior than (if not) anything I have watched so far 🙏

  4. i always thought its interesting seeing both 556×45 and 762×39, i always thought the 762×39 ball would be better than the 556, but turns out on range the 556 is better, the bullet drop of the 762 is worse because of its weight, so the 556 flys longer, but does it have a better punch then a 762 ball

  5. Great work and vid!!! : )
    Also: Not meaning to be nitpicky but not a single one of these rifles was an "AK-47" as the video title would imply.
    That term refers specifically to the rifles with the old style receiver and not the stamped receiver (and in 7.62×39 only of course). None of the weapons featured in this vid met that requirement, they all have the typical "dimple" above the magazine well demonstrating they are of AKM or later design vintages and therefore not AK-47.
    I do however understand that the general public thinks of them as "AK-47" so perhaps it was needed as a "hook" for viewers.

  6. Very well done, objective, as someone dabbling in the AK world it is nice to see how a sampling of the market stacks up.

  7. My favorite video yet. I expected the .556 rifles to die better due to ammo and because they are newer platforms..knew the Ace would take the lead. Great video.

  8. Love it! AK variant missing internal parts….still shoots…a good group! WTF?! LMFAO I think you just increased their reputation for reliability/invulnerability even to a new level of QC issues!

  9. One rifle missing from your review was the Polytech Milled Receiver AK47S. I owned one years ago when I was fresh out of the service and still had good eyes. With irons, I was around a 3MOA rifle compared to the 2.5MOA of my also brand new Norinco SKS. I really liked both rifles and I'm not suprised at how well the stamped version did. I do think the milled version would have done better. Would love to see you shoot the milled version and put it in the rankings.

  10. Galil….I am writting before final result…cause Indian army liked this gun but can't be able to purchase due to it's relatively high cost..

  11. The camera man spent a little too much time on Henry's butt on No. 5….just letting know there may be an issue there.

  12. A few months late but a different AK seldom discussed…. I have a [full size] Romanian Nova-Mdul AK chambered in 22LR. I assume it was built as a full-scale realistic training rifle. It's a real gem I don't think many know about. Call it a AK-22? Build quality is excellent amd you could take it on the battlefield like any other AK, though scary to think about.

    It shoots amazingly accurate 2 MOA groups (with red dot) at 50 yards I never ever expected. Accepts all standard AK accessories and cannot distinguish it from any other AK including its weight. Even the barrel diameter is "standard AK" but with a 22 bore. Surprisingly the bolt is large enough to give a real "mini-kick" of AK satisfaction for a 22LR. It accepts WASR 22 Black Dog 30rd mags.

    Of all the firearms I have owned, this is my favorite to keep in the family. Pure fun and a way to get the kids into AK.

    On the range shoot 22LR all day while most are rationing their ammo and can also maintain AK practice. Several funny interactions at the range when I was at the 22 range and occasionally someone stops by reminding me I can't shoot 7.62 and are surprised to learn its a 22LR. 🙂

    There have been other 22LR AK's over the years, but I believe this is the best of the bunch.

  13. Not all of us shoot with a combat scenario in mind. I like the flight of the bullet over distance. I don't want to play Army. It's more enjoyable to shoot smaller and smaller things at great distance.
    I suppose I'm just different, but the idea of causing death or great bodily harm to someone is too negative of a reason for me to enjoy the flight of a perfectly innocent bullet fired out of joy, not anger.
    I feel that the anti gun crowed has made people overly aware of the lethality of firearms.
    I like your program, and wouldn't change it
    what I am saying is that it doesn't have to always have to be looked at from that direction. Shooting because you enjoy shooting is wonderful, and that doesn't need justification.

  14. The AK 47 borrowed heavenly from the Remington Model 8. Stoner borrowed from no one as far as I know.
    My Arsenal 5.56 AK was more accurate with my hand loads than anything shot here except the Accuracy International, which isn't a AK.

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