How accurate is an AK47 – Kalashnikov? | Russia v. China v. Bulgaria v. Romania v. Israel v. Czech

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This is the Super Bowl of accuracy tests for the AK47 – AKM – AK74 – Kalashnikov type rifles (and a visiting Vz58). We put 10 rifles (9x Kalashnikov, 1x Vz58) against each other to see how the do. Which one will come up top? How does “Combat Accuracy” play into this topic?

Rifles examined:
1, Arsenal AD SLR107 (Bulgaria) – 7.62×39
2, Norinco Pre-ban Type 56 (China) – 7.62×39
3, IWI Galil 32/Ace (Israel) – 7.62×39
4, Cugir WASR 10 (Romania) – 7.62×39
5, Arsenal AD AKs74u SLR104UR (Bulgaria) – 5.45×39
6, Izhmash AK102 / Niner (Russia) – 5.56×45
7, Vz58 (Czech Republic/ Czechoslovakia) – 7.62×39
8, Arsenal AD AKs74 / SLR104FR (Bulgaria) – 5.45×39
9, Izhmash AK103 (Russia) – 7.62×39
10, Izhmash AK74 (M) (Russia) – 5.45×39

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