HOW TO do a BULGARIAN SPLIT SQUAT | proper form + common mistakes

One of the best exercises to grow the booty & glutes from home: the bulgarian split squat! Learn the correct form and avoid common mistakes. Join my workout app & workout with me!

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  1. i do these with a 35 kettle bell on the side with which ever leg is back. i have horrible balance so i usually need to place a hand on something but yeah these hurt lol.

  2. Did bulgarian split squats after watching this video and my form has gotten so much better! I was feeling it in my back quad before but not anymore. Thank you for this video. I'd love more how-to/correct form videos — maybe hip thrusts, and all the different dead lift variations (romanian deadlift, one leg deadlift, etc)

  3. Wow this really helped a lot! I always struggle with this one on my back leg i feel like i can’t keep it still so the other way you showed felt so much better and it lets me focus more on where i’m putting my weight.

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  5. Thank you that was informative, can you do a video on how to do hip thrust with weight properly. I been playing with the positioning for weeks now but always feel like I’m hurting my neck. Thank you in advance.

  6. Oh so happy you made this video because I struggle with my form when doing this particular exercise. I now learned afew things to perfect my form and hopefully start feeling it in my glutes! You rock!!!!!

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