Imprisoned in Bulgaria for being British

Bulgaria is on our green list to travel but hours before that was to begin, Bulgaria made England a red list country. I tried my luck anyway. I got imprisoned for 2 days but at least I gave it a go 😂


  1. I have a flight to Bulgaria in the morning from IRELAND and we just got put on red list. Will this same thing happen?

  2. Just shows you what a load of boll*cks this covid scam is : Plane full of Bulgarians leaving the UK LOL its a joke . This so called covid virus CAN PICK AND CHOOSE WHO IT INFECTS ..its all about conrol and more .

  3. hahah you seem like a nice enough dude, but you are still an imperialist and I am glad you aren't allowed in the republic. Great Brithan hahah. Your Imperial College was among the first to come up with a strategy to fighting covid. War one you galent Births. War on for all the people of the world

  4. I understand your anger at all the global nonsense going on around the Kovid pandemic, and I support you. What you are missing is the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria, which guarantees:

    Art. 35. (1) Everyone has the right to freely choose his place of residence, to move

    the territory of the country and the left limits. This right can be limited only

    with a law to protect national security, public health and rights and freedoms


    (2) Every Bulgarian citizen shall have the right to return to the country.

    Here is the answer to the question – why, after breathing the same air, for some it can and for others it can't.

    I wish you all the best, my friend!

  5. Well if I am honest your supporting documents seemed to be not of the best quality…
    Where was the Company letterhead on that seasonal job of yours. Ie company tax numbers…registration numbers etc.

    Plus you had dentistry work… was that really essential ?

    Was there anyone to claim you at the Airport ?


  6. So you didn’t get in? This sucks because I’ve got a flight booked for the 08Aug and worried on not getting in!

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