Is this REALLY Bulgaria? // Bulgaria Travel 2021 // Channel Intro

Bulgaria Travel 2021. Is this really Bulgaria? Bulgaria travel is vast and offers various different locations and activities. If you travel to Bulgaria this will be the perfect place to find valuable information about places and activities you can do! This summer I will travel Bulgaria to show you to do Bulgaria vlogs and show you the Bulgaria nature, Bulgaria travel food and visiting different Bulgarian cities like Plovdiv Bulgaria, Varna Bulgaria, Sofia Bulgaria, and sharing lots of Bulgaria travel tips.

———– Video Contents ————-
00:00 – Intro about Bulgaria
00:18 – Footage of Bulgaria
00:39 – Channel Intro

Apart from Bulgaria’s nature, I will also be showing you city life as well as Plovdiv Nightlife, Varna nightlife and Sofia nightlife – and probably Sunny Beach Bulgaria as well!

I hope you decide to travel to Bulgaria in 2021!

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  1. Mel,
    Absolutely loved the cinematic shots of Bulgaria. It's definitely on my wishlist now after watching your video. Thankyou for sharing about this beautiful place. I'm excited to follow along the journey and experience travelling to Bulgarian cities (virtually) with you.

    Big congratulations on the first video! It's fantastic. So happy you put it here. Truly can't wait to see more of the many many videos to come. 💙

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