1. Pity he is a New World Order stooge !!

    A grsduate of the World Economic Forum''s " young leader program ! "

    Easy factoid to find !

  2. From the looks of it I’m guessing there are deaf kids in the class so he is doing sound language

  3. When Jeff bezos was actually the hood guy we rooted for, not f the James’s bond supervillain he is today. I would love that guy back

  4. It was all him. Now the wife is one of the richest persons on the planet. I'm all about equality but it gotta be for everyone.

  5. Everyone is talking about how he's changed. I think his morals and likeability was stored in his hair, and it's all gone now.

  6. it's interesting to see Jeff Bezos thinking that giving a talk means he's making it in business

  7. Goodness I'm in my thirties and I feel old because I remember in college when Amazon was basically for buying and selling books…we all started selling our books on Amazon at the end of each semester because the university would screw us on the books we traded in…if you think GameStop is bad wait until you go to your college book store to sell back your 180 dollar book and get 20 bucks for it. Then they put it back on the shelf as "used $175" lol the good old days

  8. I heard him say that “The customs inspectors steal the money…”
    His story doesn’t make sense!

  9. Screw this guy, literally the richest human on Earth making billions during a pandemic while millions more suffer and struggle to afford to fund their lifestyle with a job at his warehouse where they have awful rates of deaths on the job, this oligarch is practically a murderer, with the blood of dead workers on his greedy hands

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