Kristian Kostov – Beautiful Mess (Bulgaria) Eurovision 2017 – Official Lyric Video

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Kristian Kostov will represent Bulgaria at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv with the song Beautiful Mess


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  3. Mr Kristian have a very weak voice. He falsify when he sings live. He has good knowledge, unfortunately. Mr. Krostov was in Eurovision without pre-selection. EBBA also he should not win, but children voted on facebook .Dua Lipa as she received the EBBA award, she had a concert tour through Europe and hits and Mr. Kristian was only a participant in the Eurovision. This Lord is singing like a child, a hopeless voice, but he has a big passion for a glory. But he does not represent anything, with such a weak voice he should not be anywhere, but the musician pushes him …And the label in Austria it's a public record and it should not work like it work.

  4. Krostov and Cesar Sampson were on Eurovision without pre-selection, thanks to their acquaintances. The same musician gived them songs and gives them to Eurovision. I am glad that none of them won

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