Living in Bulgaria – Your questions answered

Since we started this channel we have received lots of questions about living in Bulgaria. In this video, we answer them.

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  1. I wasn't sold on your channel until I heard you say this, "… we are just waiting for the cement to cure…" That is exactly the right term, cement does not dry. Awesome

  2. Really useful information. Love your deco behind you. Can you do a video about travelling from uk to Bulgaria by car. Custom requirements. What to expect. Travelling with a pet. Best places to stay. I worry about vechile being broken into with my worldly possessions. If i brought a uk registered car over with me, is it ok to drive around or do i need to change plates or register over there? Whats your husband going to do with himself when buildings works completed? Offer his skills to others 🤞

  3. As a Bulgarian who studies in the uk I see that many many more young families are returning the the villages, to these small beautiful and peaceful countries as my motherland Bulgaria. Well done for all the lovely videos you’re doing and well done for the progress in your garden 🙏🏻

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