National video catalogue THIS IS BULGARIA – Official Trailer English

The picture contains shoots from the last 12 months. “it was a real challenge for us to select a mere minute of footage from the hundreds of hours that we currently have in the archives of the project “This is Bulgaria”. Still we are continuing with the last part of the shooting plan — the live action scenes and recreations. We are moving according to plan, at least as far as a project of this size can go according to plan, after all we are filming a whole country.” — commented the producer of the series Victor Dimchev. The production of the series will be finished till the end of 2011, and its official presentation is planned for the Bulgarian national holiday — the 3 of March 2012.

There is a place in the world where the mists of spring engulf green mountain peaks, and in the valleys below them rest long forgotten kings. A place where the sun illuminates receding ruins of long since perished empires, and wild forests still echo with the footsteps of mighty warriors. A land that hides golden treasures, a land of magic and abandoned shrines; spring flowers, and small streams that become mighty rivers. A land that combines its vast mountains, fertile plains, steep shores and small mountain villages in a supernatural symbiosis of drama, beauty and grandeur. A place that can always impress and amaze, a place that you can rediscover every day. This is Bulgaria.