Our House In Bulgaria | New House Tour

In this video, we’ll provide a walk through tour of our new purchase in Bulgaria. Previously, we shared with you our 1.9 acres of land and the beautiful barns we fell in love with. But now it’s time to learn more about what the residential buildings on our land are like – eeek!

When searching for our own property in Bulgaria, we loved watching videos of other people’s purchases. It’s not only fascinating to see what you can get for your money over here, but also how differently people live.

With such a big renovation project on our hands we would be really interested to hear of your ideas and own experiences – Drop us a comment below!

Phil, Kayleigh and Alex
‘Off Grid With The Udens’

Link to ‘Tractor boy’ video. Maybe it was a video of the times but back in the days before smart phones this was as viral as it got!