Our House In Bulgaria | New House Tour

In this video, we’ll provide a walk through tour of our new purchase in Bulgaria. Previously, we shared with you our 1.9 acres of land and the beautiful barns we fell in love with. But now it’s time to learn more about what the residential buildings on our land are like – eeek!

When searching for our own property in Bulgaria, we loved watching videos of other people’s purchases. It’s not only fascinating to see what you can get for your money over here, but also how differently people live.

With such a big renovation project on our hands we would be really interested to hear of your ideas and own experiences – Drop us a comment below!

Phil, Kayleigh and Alex
‘Off Grid With The Udens’

Link to ‘Tractor boy’ video. Maybe it was a video of the times but back in the days before smart phones this was as viral as it got!


  1. What a cosy layout your new home has!
    I couldn't help thinking of the cellar….what a great place to make diy organic wine + woohoo!!!
    Thank you for sharing this with us.

  2. The comment about UK standards is also a bit ridiculous and we know what they are! You have bought a rundown house for a song, which is also very old. By the looks of it. Probably built 1940s earliest, I suspect older. So what Bulgarian standards are you talking about? Clearly no Bulgarian wanted to buy it because it is substandard and a lot of work. Most people would probably raze down the building. I admire your bravery for doing that and for what you are trying to do on the property but please do not insult Bulgaria and our supposedly backward "standards."

  3. Why are you mocking the keys? When I was growing up in Bulgaria 30 plus years ago, we did not use keys. Doors were never locked and if they were the keys were under the door mat or the plant by the door and everybody knew it and did the same. Some places in the countryside could still be still like that. If you have bad neighbors (and that is clearly not the case as everything is still there after all these years), no keys, no matter how sophisticated, or security alarms will save you in any country

  4. I better get back to the farm and hide! He'll have my pants down! 😂 Golden oldie

    Also recommend changing your locks, the traditional lock althogh beautifull the keys are all the same, so the set your neighbour has could open your door 😔

  5. Once you insulate the house from the outside and protect it, it will stand for another 80 years. My parents bought one, in a bit better condition, and it's almost 20 years now. No movement, or cracks on the walls.

  6. Hi, enjoying the videos! Looking to do a similar project when in about 2 years when my children fly the coop. Have not seriously considered moving abroad before. What made you choose Bulgaria?

  7. Having lived in Sofia for years, and completed five apartment remodels, there is one thing that is likely to be common in your challenging 'cello property' renovation with our capital city renovations – that is that Your Support Groups Will be Directly Proportional to Your Successes. If you were to ask me for advice, I would say you need as many Bulgarian friends as possible. And by friends I mean REAL friends. These people will save your lives in many ways.

  8. Great project guys!
    Location is everything here in Bulgaria! You can change a house, but not it's location 🙂
    We have the same key at our house! Our neighbour told us that back in the day, there were only 4 choices of locks, so everyone had the same keys 🤣
    Really admire what you're doing and glad there's another young family in Bulgaria!
    We have friends with a young kid not far from you, so may bump into you one day for a coffee.
    Keep up the good work guys

  9. Goodness Gracious, you are both so brave to take on this project! Lovely site for sure, the house …oh my word! You sure have your work cut out for you for the next several years. I hope you've got lots of masks and gloves as you'll soon be covered with ancient dust and God knows what! :). I really enjoyed your tour and look forward to watching your journey and seeing how you'll revive this property and land.

  10. We had to buy a house that didn’t need any immediate attention as we’re not living in it. We’ve had it 3 years but 2 of them with restrictions to travel. Love what you’ve got yourselves there, looking forward to watching all the changes. What part are you staying in currently?

  11. hahaha "UK Standard" – yeah not much here is anywhere near a UK standard esp when it comes to health and safety 🙂

    The house looks pretty decent, its going to make a lovely family home 🙂

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