Our tips on buying property in Bulgaria!

A few tips we came up with today after so many of your lovely comments and messages..feel free to keep asking in the comments and we’ll try our best to help where we can! I know so many of our followers are looking to buy in Bulgaria a rural property, and we may have shared this information before but thought we would re-hash the list nice and clearly for you all!

Useful links as discussed in the video:




  1. thanks for this – have bookmarked….thinking of moving my fam from Austria (am orig. from uk)…or at least a 2nd home to escape to if it all gets too weird here:) would really like somewhere rural if poss.

  2. I am trying to move there but I am a US federal felon. I'm submitting my app for a Bulgarian visa but I'm not hopeful. Would love to move there.

  3. We are flying over to find our own piece of Bulgarian paradise this weekend, so we so appreciate all you two have done to help others.

  4. 100% agree on the access comments. I bought mine online without realising how difficult the access is, constant headache.

  5. Me and my wife are buying a house at the moment east of vt and are planning on coming over in spring and hopefully we will meet up with you. Couldn't agree more with what you said about location. Thanks for the videos the information is very much appreciated.

  6. Thanks as always for the video.
    You mention having a lot of bed frames, and I've noticed with many properties there seem to be beds in nearly every room. Do you know why? These village houses are usually quite large with multiple rooms. Were they generally lived in by two or more generations? Maybe they were used as substitutes for chairs?

  7. Really informative video and we would totally agree with your advice. Our internet is 4G and we have no issues other than the mentioned power outages. We have a ups which avoids the problem for short periods.

  8. I'm thinking about buying something via the " pay monthly " ….. seen some companies with fairly good feedback ……. 🤔

  9. We forgot the tip about the roof! If you need to re-roof..expect to pay 100-150 bgn a square metre, can sometimes cost you as much as the house itself!

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