PLOVDIV, BULGARIA is INSANE! Better Than SOFIA?! (City Tour)

PLOVDIV, BULGARIA is INSANE! Better Than SOFIA?! (City Tour)

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  1. You guys are amazing! 🥰 This is my hometown! I miss it so much! It's so beautiful! Will be returning next week and just can't wait, it's been 2 years since the last time I've been there.
    Love all your videos!

  2. plovdiv and sofia have different vibes, plovdiv is quite, hip and pretty laid back, way smaller, but pretty nice, however, the dynamics in Sofia is way different and the plentyfull of options for nightlife. I love Plovdiv, people are very colourful and relaxed. Theres plenty of hip and cool bars and clubs in Sofia, but they are not very obvious. However, Good job for discovering Kapana.

  3. You should go in Varna, it is very hot during summer and its very beautiful city. Varna is also known as Sea Capital

  4. Yep, cool people, show the beauties of the world in the best way! Thank you for showing my city and country to the world. Kind regards! 😉✌

    You are always welcome in Plovdiv. 💞

  5. The old town is built on three hills. Where the seventh hill was, there is now a shopping center and it is named "Markovo Tepe" / "type" is the Turkish word for hill, but has remained in use until now /

  6. The Roman Stadium is actually fully preserved, but it's just underneath the main street. You can see some of the other ruins of the same stadium in one of the malls on the main street.

  7. Thanks a lot for the video! I am a Bulgarian, I am proud of the ancient Bulgarian history and I am glad that it is revealed for Europe as well. Plovdiv is one of the oldest cities, not only in Europe but also in the world. Bulgarian antiquity is associated with the Thracians – the ancestors of the Bulgarians. Almost every Bulgarian city has a Thracian ancient past, then Roman, then Bulgarian. But the people living in these lands, regardless of age, are still the same.

  8. I watched all of your videos as hey were getting uploaded (nostalgia is increasing by the day). Question – how many times am I going to rewatch them until Australia opens its border and I can go back to Bulgaria next summer????
    Thanks for transporting me there for 16min! 💙

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