Poli Genova – If Love Was A Crime (Bulgaria) 2016 Eurovision Song Contest

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Poli Genova will represent Bulgaria at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm with the song If Love Was A Crime


  1. Скоро 2022 год, я с радостью пересматриваю и кайфую 🥰 Какая же Поли крутая🌹

  2. 🇷🇸❣️🇧🇬 Brotherss
    Perfect music grettings from Serbia
    Одлична музика..Поздрав из Србије

  3. 5 years later and im still sad because she was 4th. She deserved second place (after Jamala😅) but 2016 was too strong. Greetings from Russia❤️

  4. Don't usually go for pop songs in Eurovision, I typically like it more when countries send different genres that are riskier. But this is just perfection.

  5. השיר הבולגרי מדהים כמו כל העם הזה העם הבולגרי גאה להיות שייך אליו

  6. I'm from 2021 and that was a beautiful music video ❤❤❤ and even live she was amazing and beautiful , I smiled throughout the video I didn't want it to end. Please Poli comeback in 2022 you are such a good singer. Love from Israel 🇮🇱❤🇧🇬

  7. By my opinion the best Eurovision song EVER !! . And here we are 2021 questioning why this song did not win ?

  8. im still annoyed this didnt win- something about it makes it just so perfect, as an australian im more bitter about this than my own country getting so close to winning and then coming second

  9. Това дърво актьор ли го играе, щото ако да, много добре го е направил.

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