[PT. 1] JUST BEFORE HYPERINFLATION…Lynette Zang Interviews a Citizen from Bulgaria

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📖 Chapters:
0:00 Introduction
4:53 Hyperinflation in Bulgaria
8:37 Compliance in Bulgaria vs. U.S.
12:04 Future Energy Crisis
15:11 Corporate Profits vs. Small Business Profits
20:06 The Wealth Shield
23:07 Are Citizens in Bulgaria Stacking Gold & Silver?
25:16 Banks Restricting Transactions
30:05 De-Globalization
31:50 The Importance of Barterability
34:45 Building a Community

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  2. Much obliged for your presentation. I may return to farming when I move from Ireland to live near Tutrakan town in North East Bulgaria. Greetings from James J in Limerick city Ireland

  3. If his name is Jeff M-lander, I am neither impressed with him, his reputation, nor his vague answers.

  4. hyper inflation? we live in an economy where money is created by credit creation, not by the government printing money. these fears of hyper-inflation don't make any sense to me for the United States, and are dead wrong.

  5. Lynette, I throughly enjoyed your interview with Jeff. What a pleasant man, offering sound advice (from his perspective) for what we’re all facing in this upside world. Keep up the good work. We love you a lot!👍😎

  6. The segregation and classification in World War II was completely justified. A certain section of the population was destroying the German people, and those people were not Germans.

  7. 3 March is Bulgaria liberation Day. There's celebration on the mountain top named Shipka. On the rige of that top bulgarian volunteers and russian army held ottoman army few times bigger for some days. At some point Bulgarians were out of ammo and start throwing dead body's and rock on the ottoman from the above. That was one of the main battle to our liberation offer 500 years of ottoman slavery. That year our new elected premier attended celebration and were shoot with snow ball to the head by the angry mob. We don't want to be part of Russian-Ukrainian conflict and that prick is pulling us into it.

  8. The enemies in America spew out fake news propaganda as news. They divide the country. They eliminate our borders overwhelming our social programs. They allow non Americans to vote. They have turned our schools into indoctrination centers with a focus on social engineering instead of an education to hold down a job. They have left America open to an EMP attack by refusing to strengthen our grid. They have embraced non Christian positions in an effort to pull the people away from Gods word knowing Americas roots were founded on Gods word and that is what made America great.

  9. What’s gonna happen to the paper gold and silver ETFs and stocks short-term and then long-term. I’ve got some stuff I need to figure out what moves to make here

  10. Re GEESE: my very old grandma said her favorite goose product was what she called "goose grease" or fat. She said it was a soothing healer for winter chapped skin

  11. If good people don’t get involved bad people that want to cancel your freedom will win.

  12. I had rabbits as a kid and they financed my horse. Ate a lot of rabbit and still today sick of it…

  13. I bartered 15 Z channel 10in by 16ft for a septic system. I got the steel for free years ago the septic system would have cost 10k$ , I think I did good on that trade. I also trade turkey eggs for homemade bread

  14. Will you do a realistic scenario if one person purchased from ITM trading and one person sold to ITM the exact same item on the exact ame day? Isn't it true we lose at least 30% from the buy/sell exchange? Even in fake/fiat dollars, that 30% is a real loss. All these channels never seem to tell all these viewers about that part. You seem to be the most honest Lynnette so I thought I'd ask if you could give a real answer.

  15. Thank you Lynette and Jeff! Wonderful and insightful video but I also found it breaking my heart!

  16. As a kid in the 60s, I remember the green stamp books. I feel we're going backwards intentionally

  17. Say the truth the rich communist family both all the woth business and they still in power

  18. Do not forget tractor you can do lot of things excemples move your gold and silver to different places let's say from bank to your own safe house

  19. isn't sunflower oil one of the easily oxidized cheap seed oils Dr. Mercola warns us against consuming? I think real olive oil is better to cook with. Maybe, it is better to just eat the seeds.

  20. 40% of Produce in USA never makes it to market as its bruised or imperfect . This country throws away loads of food and there is no reason
    for people to be hungry at all !!!

  21. Sounds like they have enough water to put in significant hydroelectric, to get away from natural gas for electricity generation.


  23. The majority of Bulgarians are not very reach. On no one's mind is to buy gold. Nobody has that kind of extra money and other reasons. On the other hand if you buy a property you can live in it or rented out for money.
    This American guy explains the situation in Bulgaria better than many Bulgarians can
    Without Russian gas/oil Bulgaria won't survive even a year. I was listening to a report that put Bulgaria on a list being around number five on dependency by Russia.
    I am certainly confident Bulgaria is not gonna advance any time soon to the level of Spain, Portugal or Germany or Netherlands.
    The communism is gone, some 33 years ago. Since then the mafia took over. And then the government took over. And now is how the saying goes exactly – organized crime to its finest.
    When Bulgaria joints Europe it gonna lose the last two things it has retained after the fall of the communism – its inexpensiveness and it's relative freedom.
    As everyone knows Europe is the biggest tax plantation in the world.

  24. When I was a nurse, I encountered people from many different countries, and it was amazing that the people who came here from communist or socialist nations knew far more about governments, freedoms and economics than any American I ever met, and had far more appreciation for the freedoms we had at the time, even people as young as their late teens. They could see the writing on the wall even in the 90's and early 2000s, and sure enough, here we are.

  25. I am in Sofia, Bulgaria, and can confirm what the gentleman is saying. One thing i noticed before the war was the increase in electricity prices for the industry since the summer of 2021. That increase in electricity prices contributed to the start of the food price increase. Some say that this was Putin's start of his economic war against the EU. What i recall is China recommending their citizens to stock up on food in December of 2021 so I think all this is coordinated by Putin and Xi Jinping. A protracted war in Ukraine means 40% less grain for the world market in 2022. Another thing i noticed was gasoline and diesel prices. Since Lukoil bought the only Bulgarian refinery in Burgas, they have created a cartel and dictated the price of this commodity. When the price per barrel is going down, i notice gas prices increasing at the same time in Sofia gas stations…..Every time we buy gasoline or diesel, we sponsor Putin's war machine because all money Lukoil gets in Bulgaria goes to Russia…For 30 years Lukoil has not paid a single cent in taxes…

  26. Bulgaria imports at about 90% gasoline from Russia when Poland 55%..Bulgaria has a little bit fondness to Russia because of their history but Bulgaria is manipulated by Russia.The most EU dependant country on Russian gas .

  27. America has survived cause we have everything we need in country plus the skills and two big beautiful oceans for protection i truly believe geography is why we have lasted as a True power for so long but I'm all for peace n prosper. No more hungry and homeless it's sad rid world of greed greed is not good

  28. Unfortunately fresh water will be what all of the next decade wars will be faught over plus fertile land yikes God bless Bulgaria but those are recipes for invasion in a area with suspicious neighbors like u have

  29. If You Don't Hold It, You Don't Own It. What about storing it in a private vault "just down the street?" That doesn't seem to fit the mantra.

  30. we're moving to the 1920s and the government is fighting this with everything they can….I have a 1897
    Dowl furnace char coal. works great. everyone SHOULD be planting a garden NOW.

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