Restoring the BULGARIAN EMPIRE in Kaiserredux??! – Hearts of Iron 4 Kaiserredux/Kaiserreich

Zveno Bulgariaaa aka best Bulgaria!
Also Hristo Lukov is my waifu.

#hoi4 #kaiserreich #kaiserredux #tornado831 #bulgaria

mods used:
Player-Led Peace Conferences:

songs used:

0:00 Intro
0:13 Build up to a disaster
1:41 4th BW
2:02 A humiliated Bulgaria
2:14 A Military with a State
5:10 5th BW
7:46 Reclaiming Tsarigrad(Istambul{Constantinople})
8:38 A new Bulgarian Empire
8:53 What is an Empire without Colonies?
9:14 Outro

if you see this comment “heheheha”.
title: Did somebody say 3rd Bulgarian Empire?! – Hearts of Iron 4 Kaiserredux/Kaiserreich


  1. Wake up bro, Bulgarians rule the world, Bulgarians are stronger than everyone, Bulgarians are the slavs, Bulgarians are Bulgarians, Bulgarians built the biggest empire in the world, Bulgarians are the best.

  2. Can you also ask them to unban Krtek124? Some guy was messing with my account and sended very idiotic messages to owner of the server, and also asked stupid question the dews. Thank you.

  3. Tbh though democratic paths in Kiaserredux are super wholesome and based at times unlike the base game where playing a democracy is pretty boring

  4. Can u pls play like monarchist or dem hungary or something just not the nazbols they fucked the country up irl lemme have a wholesome chungus hungary in simulations

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